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Key to Gentiana

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1. Annualbiennialstem < 1 dm,  < 15 mm, flower < 2 cm (sect. Chondrophyllae)

2. Basalcauline leaves not alike, upper cauline strongly , much narrower than margins of all leaves white; corolla white to pale blue, abaxially often dark blue ..... G. fremontii

2' Basal, cauline leaves ± alike, ± , margins not or ± white; corolla medium to deep blue ..... G. prostrata

1' Perennial herb; stem generally > 1 dm; leaf > 15 mm; flower > 2 cm (sect. Pneumonanthe)

3. Stems arising laterally from , below 

4. Stems 20–45 cm;  > middle, upper cauline leaves; corolla  appendages divided into 2–3 thread-like,  segments ..... G. setigera

4' Stems 0.5–10(35) cm; internodes generally < cauline leaves; corolla sinus appendages divided into 2 triangular, ±  to jagged-cut parts  to thread-like tips ..... G. newberryi

5. Corolla generally medium to deep blue ..... var. newberryi

5' Corolla white to pale blue, abaxially dark brown-purple on, below  ..... var. tiogana

3' Stems arising terminally from caudex, without rosettes

6. Sinus between corolla lobes ± unappendaged ..... G. sceptrum

6' Sinus between corolla lobes with a conspicuous toothed or  appendage

7. Corolla sinus appendages divided ± to base into 2–several thread-like parts; leaf-base sheaths at mid-stem generally > 5 mm ..... G. plurisetosa

7' Corolla sinus appendages divided into generally 2 parts, each thread-like only toward tip; leaf-base sheaths at mid-stem generally < 5 mm

8. Leaf, calyx-lobe margins ± entire, minutely calyx lobes generally < 1.5 mm wide; corolla lobes generally < 7 mm; inflorescences terminal, generally also at 1–6 upper , flowers 1–7 ..... G. affinis var. ovata

8' Leaf, calyx-lobe margins generally obscurely, minutely , not ciliate; calyx lobes generally > 2 mm wide; corolla lobes 5.5–13 mm; inflorescences generally terminal, also at 1–3 upper nodes or not, flowers 1–few ..... G. calycosa



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