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1. Nectary pits 2 per corolla  (appearing as 1 due to overlapping fringes or not) ..... F. speciosa

1' Nectary pit 1 per corolla lobe

2. Proximal to mid-stem leaves wide-elliptic, not white-margined; inflorescence dense, < 0.5 dm wide ..... F. umpquaensis

2' Proximal to mid-stem leaves narrower than wide-elliptic, white-margined (narrowly so or not); inflorescence dense or ± open, > 0.5 dm wide

3. Inflorescence ± open, generally > 1 dm wide or proximal-most branches < 1 dm from base and widely divergent, or both; distal  generally within small , not arising directly from main stem

4. Cauline leaves , distal-most  or not ..... F. albomarginata

5. Inflorescence branches, calyx  glabrousnectary pit 2-lobed at tip ..... var. albomarginata

5' Inflorescence branches, calyx lobes ; nectary pit ±  or ± notched at tip ..... var. induta

4' Cauline leaves opposite

6. Stemsabaxial  faces glabrous;  leaves 8–40 mm wide; nectary pit U-shaped ..... F. parryi

6' Stems, abaxial leaf faces puberulent; basal leaves 6–17 mm wide; nectary pit oblong-obovate ..... F. puberulenta

3' Inflorescence dense, interrupted or not, < 1 dm wide, proximal-most branches > 1 dm from base, strongly ; distal pedicels generally arising directly from main stem

7. Nectary pit margins with vertical, , basally tubular, distally  extensions ..... F. tubulosa

7' Nectary pit margins fringed, without vertical extensions

8. Nectary pit round to ± square; ridge between stamens low, fringed ..... F. neglecta

8' Nectary pit oblong; ridge between stamens with ± 2 mm scales ..... F. albicaulis

9. Stems, abaxial leaf faces puberulent; larger leaves  to rounded at tip ..... var. modocensis

9' Stems, leaves glabrous; larger leaves generally  at tip ..... var. nitida


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