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1. Annualinflorescence a generally emergent  of  and sometimes staminate flowers + 2 submerged, long-styled,  pistillate flowers enclosed in   at base of scape; perianth parts 0 or 1; stamens 0 or 1; carpels 0 or 1, fertile ..... T. scilloides

1' Perennial herb; inflorescence an aerial  of bisexual flowers; perianth parts generally 6; stamens 1, 3, 6, occasionally fewer; carpels 6, all or 3 fertile

2. Fertile carpels, mericarps 3

3. Fruit 5–7(9) mm; mericarps weak-ridged abaxially;  ± stout; plant tufted; c&s SNH, 2100–3450 m ..... T. palustris

3' Fruit 1–1.5 mm; mericarps strong-3-keeled abaxially; rhizome slender; plant mat-forming; NCo, CCo, n SCo, < 30 m ..... T. striata

2' Fertile carpels, mericarps 6

4. Plant dense-tufted, (1)4–11 dm; rhizome stout;  tip  to ± notched, (1)1.5–5 mm; leaf ±  in ×-section, generally 2–5 mm wide ..... T. maritima

4' Plant loose-tufted to mat-forming, 1–6 dm; rhizome ± slender, often creeping; ligule tip deep-2-lobed, 0.5–1.5 mm; leaf ± round or semicircular in ×-section, generally 1–2 mm wide ..... T. concinna

5. Plant generally 1–3(4.5) dm; inflorescence generally >= leaves; salt marshes; NCo, CCo, SCo ..... var. concinna

5' Plant (1)3–5(6) dm; inflorescence generally >> leaves; alkaline meadows, seeps, mudflats, stream and lake margins; ne KR, n CaRH, s SNH, GB, DMoj ..... var. debilis



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