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1' Subshrub (flower 1st year or not)

2. Leaves ± lance-linear ..... S. angustifolia

2' Leaves wider than lance-linear

3. Leaves deeply divided

3' Leaves often lobed but not deeply divided

5. Inflorescence an open , occasionally dense in  ..... S. ambigua (in part)

6. Petals red-orange to apricot ..... var. ambigua

6' Petals lavender to pink ..... var. rosacea

5' Inflorescence raceme-like or a dense panicle

7. Leaves coarsely  ..... S. munroana

7' Leaves , ± wavy, , or finely dentate

8. Leaf markedly wrinkled abaxially ..... S. ambigua var. rugosa

8' Leaf ± not wrinkled abaxially

9. Hairs coarse; leaves gray-green; fruit segment 4.5–5 mm,  part ± 60% of segment ..... S. emoryi var. emoryi

9' Hairs fine; leaves generally yellow-green; fruit segment 2.5–3 mm, dehiscent part < 20% of segment ..... S. orcuttii


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