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1. Leaves , or  with some scattered single leaves ..... M. hippuroides

1' Leaves whorled (opposite)

2. Plants dioecious; leaves narrow, length 3–4 × width; bracts ± = stem leaves ..... M. aquaticum

2' Plants monoecious; leaves generally wider; bracts < stem leaves.

3. Bracts pinnately dissectedstems green, dark green to ± black-green when dry ..... M. verticillatum

3' Bracts  or ; stems dark green, occasionally red-tinged; generally ± white to pink or dark gray when dry.

4. Leaves dark green when fresh, darker when dry, glaucous; young shoots with >= 1 pair of entire,  leaves at base; plants conspicuously rhizomed; flower bracts triangular, 4–10 mm, toothed, glaucous ..... M. quitense

4' Leaves dark green when fresh, generally red-tinged, not glaucous when dry, occasionally waxy from diatoms; young shoots lacking pairs of entire, opposite leaves at base; plants not conspicuously rhizomed; flower bracts  to  or oblanceolate, 1–3 mm, entire to toothed, not glaucous

5. Leaf segments 4–14 pairs; angles, spacing varying throughout  ..... M. sibiricum

5' Leaf segments 14–24 pairs; angles, spacing uniform throughout leaf ..... M. spicatum



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