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1. Leaf awl- or needle-like, suberect to  but not pollenseed cones shrub < 1 m (sect. Juniperus) ..... J. communis

2. Leaf 10–20+ mm; glaucous stomatal band ± 1–1.5 × as wide as green  margin ..... var. depressa

2' Leaf 5–10(12) mm; glaucous stomatal band 2–4 × as wide as green leaf margin

3. Mature seed cone elongate to ± spheric; glaucous stomatal band 3–4 × as wide as green leaf margin ..... var. jackii

3' Mature seed cone spheric; glaucous stomatal band 2 × as wide as green leaf margin ..... var. saxatilis

1' Leaf generally scale-like, closely appressed; pollen, seed cones terminaltree, shrub > 1 m (sect. Sabina)

4. Seed cone maturing blue-black; tree 5–15(30) m

5. Bark red-brown; leaves generally  in 3s; generally dioecious; NCoRH, SNH, SnGb, SnBr, SNE, DMtns ..... J. grandis

5' Bark brown; leaves  or whorled in 3s; generally ± monoecious; CaRH, MP ..... J. occidentalis

4' Seed cone maturing red-brown; shrub, tree 1–8(10) m

6. Leaf gland obvious; trunks several at base; generally dioecious ..... J. californica

6' Leaf gland obscure; trunk generally 1 at base; monoecious ..... J. osteosperma



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