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1. Leaves evergreen, leathery, veins not prominent abaxially;  jointed to flower; filaments ± hairy

2. Plant < 1.5 dm, branches slender;  generally 7–17 mm, ± corolla  >> tube when anthers open ..... V. macrocarpon

2' Plant 5–30 dm, branches stout; leaf 20–50 mm, ; corolla lobes < tube,  to  when anthers open ..... V. ovatum

1' Leaves deciduous (rarely evergreen in young plants of Vaccinium parvifolium), thin or ± thick, veins generally prominent abaxially; pedicel not jointed to flower; filaments glabrous

3. Leaf entire; calyx lobes generally > tube, persistenttwigs not angled, not green; flowers 1–4 on leafless older shoots ..... V. uliginosum subsp. occidentale

3' Leaf serrate or minutely so (but see Vaccinium parvifolium); calyx lobes ± 0 or generally < tube, deciduous; twigs angled or not, green or not; flowers often 1 in axils of lowest leaves of youngest shoots

4. Twigs not or weakly angled, ± green or yellow-green but not green; fruit not red (rarely dark red in Vaccinium membranaceum)

5. Plant generally 5–15 dm; twigs weakly angled; leaf generally  to  or obovate, 2–5 cm, thin, membranous, base often rounded to , tip  ..... V. membranaceum

5' Plant generally < 5 dm; twigs not or weakly angled; leaf generally  or elliptic to obovate or oblanceolate, rarely elliptic, generally 1–3.5 cm, generally thin but not membranous, base , tip seldom acute

6. Youngest twigs generally  or glandular; leaf not glaucous, generally oblong or obovate to elliptic; corolla narrowly ; fruit < 9 mm wide ..... V. cespitosum

6' Youngest twigs generally glabrous, glaucous; leaf glaucous, obovate to oblanceolate (elliptic); corolla ± spheric; fruit > 9 mm wide ..... V. deliciosum

4' Twigs strongly angled, green; fruit red to dark blue or purple

7. Leaf margins rolled under, bristles 0.2–0.6 mm; berry dark blue, glaucous;   > 3/4 width of berry ..... V. shastense

8. Persistent calyx ring on berry 0.4–1.0 mm; plant generally , often rhizomatous; flowers pale pink to greenish; west slope SNH ..... subsp. nevadense

8' Persistent calyx ring on berry 0.2–0.5 mm; plant generally erect, occasionally rhizomatous; flowers bright to pale pink; e KR (w Shasta Co.) ..... subsp. shastense

7' Leaf margins flat, generally not ciliate; berry red, not glaucous; hypanthium scar to 1/2 width of berry.

9. Plant erect shrub, 10–40 dm, generally not rhizomed; leaf entire to serrate or with only deciduous, sharp point at tip, abaxially (especially midvein) puberulent ..... V. parvifolium

9' Plant brushy shrub, < 5 dm, rhizomed; leaf serrate, abaxially glabrous ..... V. scoparium



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