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1. Perennial herbsubshrub  sharp-tipped

2. Leaves , pinnate-3-lobed; corolla lobes 5–6;  generally 4-valved – SnJt ..... L. jaegeri

2' Leaves generally , palmate- or pinnate-3–many-lobed; corolla lobes 5; capsules generally 3-valved

3. Corolla , lobes 9–18 mm, generally pink; 0–1500 m ..... L. californicus

3' Corolla , lobes 7–10 mm, white or pink; 1700–4000 m ..... L. pungens

1' Annual; leaf lobes not sharp-tipped

4. Corolla generally open evening (if open daytime then limb > 10 mm wide); calyx membrane wider than lobes; corolla lacking red marks near throat

5. Calyx glandular-hairy ..... L. jonesii

5' Calyx hairy or not, not glandular

6. Calyx 4–5 mm, hairy adaxially ..... L. arenicola

6' Calyx 8–14 mm, glabrous adaxially

7. Corolla tube without hairy pads where stamens attached ..... L. bigelovii

7' Corolla tube with hairy pads where stamens attached ..... L. dichotomus

8. Corolla closed daytime, open evening; California except MP ..... subsp. dichotomus

8' Corolla open daytime, evening; n SnFrB, NCoR ..... subsp. meridianus

4' Corolla open daytime, limb generally < 10 mm wide; calyx membrane generally narrower than lobes (if wider then corolla with red marks near throat)

9. Leaves alternate (opposite or ± alternate in Linanthus concinnus)

10. Leaf  to thread-like; corolla lobes yellow ..... L. filiformis

10' Leaf , or narrowly oblanceolate; corolla lobes white

11. Plant < 3 cm, stem not glandular; calyx membrane ; DMtns (Little San Bernardino Mtns), w DSon ..... L. maculatus

11' Plant > 3 cm, stem glandular; calyx membrane not ciliate; s SNH, GB, DMoj

12. Corolla throat with 2 purple marks below lobes, tube and throat  from calyx ..... L. campanulatus

12' Corolla throat lacking purple marks, tube and throat  in calyx ..... L. inyoensis

9' Leaves opposite (or ± alternate in Linanthus concinnus)

13. Membrane ± not connecting calyx lobes; corolla tube inconspicuous

14. Stem thread-like, openly branched at base; calyx lobes with purple marks at base ..... L. bellus

14' Stem not thread-like, compactly branched; calyx lobes without purple marks at base

15. Corolla bell-shaped, lobes white, base with 2 red marks ..... L. demissus

15' Corolla funnel-shaped, lobes blue-purple or white, base with 1–2 purple marks ..... L. parryae

13' Membrane connecting calyx lobes; corolla tube conspicuous

16. Leaf lobes 0; corolla  tips fine-toothed ..... L. dianthiflorus

16' Leaf lobes deep; corolla lobe tips ± 

17. Calyx membrane much wider than lobes – SnGb ..... L. concinnus

17' Calyx membrane as wide as lobes

18. Corolla lobes with 2 purple marks at base, 1 in each ; PR, D ..... L. orcuttii

18' Corolla lobes with 1 reddish mark at base, in center of each lobe; SnBr

19. Corolla tube maroon to purple ..... L. bernardinus

19' Corolla tube yellow ..... L. killipii



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