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1. Petals curving over fruit in age

2. Petals < to ± > sepals ..... L. floccosa

3. Flower cup-shaped; fruit , generally with widely conic tubercles ..... subsp. californica

3' Flower bell- to ; fruit with awl-shaped or plate-like tubercles

4. Sepals glabrous to sparsely hairy; fruit with plate-like tubercles, bristles 0 ..... subsp. bellingeriana

4' Sepals densely hairy; fruit with awl-shaped tubercles, bristles generally present ..... subsp. floccosa

2' Petals > sepals

5. Filaments 2.5–4 mm

6. Petals aging pink; anthers ± 1 mm; PR ..... L. alba subsp. parishii

6' Petals aging white; anthers 0.5–1 mm; c&s SNF ..... L. montana

5' Filaments 5–6 mm

7. Sepals densely hairy; fruit wide-ridged; s NCoR, n&c SNF, GV ..... L. alba subsp. alba

7' Sepals glabrous or sparsely hairy; fruit smooth to sharply tubercled; KR, CaRF, n&c SN ..... L. alba subsp. versicolor

1' Petals generally reflexing in age

8. Leaflets generally  (lower rarely 2–3-lobed); sepals 5–7 mm

9. Petals 7–9 mm; style 2–3 mm; c NCoRO (near Willits, Mendocino Co.) ..... L. bakeri

9' Petals 12–18 mm; style 4.5–6.5 mm; s NCoR (s Sonoma Co.) ..... L. vinculans

8' Leaflets entire to 2–3-lobed; sepals 4–17 mm ..... L. douglasii

10. Flower petals white, veins generally dark; anthers cream ..... L. douglasii subsp. striata

10' Flower cup- or bell-shaped; petals white to yellow, veins occasionally colored but not dark; anthers cream to yellow, dark pink, orange-red, or ± black

11. Petals yellow, occasionally white-tipped

12. Petals yellow, white-tipped; anthers yellow, cream, or red-brown ..... L. douglasii subsp. douglasii

12' Petals yellow throughout; anthers yellow ..... L. douglasii subsp. sulphurea

11' Petals ± white, without yellow except occasionally when dry

13. Petals veins white or ± purple; anthers cream to yellow; mericarps ± tubercled above or smooth; NCoR, SnFrB, SCoR ..... L. douglasii subsp. nivea

13' Petals veins rose; anthers cream, dark pink, orange-red, or ± black; mericarps ridged; NCoRI, CaRF, c SNF, GV ..... L. douglasii subsp. rosea



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