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Key to Frangula

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Jepson Manual glossary definitions can be seen by moving your cursor over words underlined with dots.

1. Leaves deciduousblades thin

2. Fruit 3-stoned;   (50)80–150 mm ..... F. purshiana

3. Leaf blade blue- or green-gray, ± glaucous when fresh, , densely hairy or adaxially velvety, light green, abaxially sparsely to densely hairy ..... subsp. ultramafica (2)

3' Leaf blade green, not papillate, glabrous to sparsely hairy

4. Leaf base ; KR, CaR, n&c SN ..... subsp. annonifolia

4' Leaf base rounded or ; NCo, KR, NCoRO, NCoRH ..... subsp. purshiana

2' Fruit 2(3)-stoned; leaf blade 15–80 mm ..... F. rubra

5. Leaf blade finely hairy ..... subsp. yosemitana

5' Leaf blade glabrous or abaxially  on midrib, veins

6. Twigs gray; leaves clustered on short-shoots ..... subsp. modocensis

6' Twigs red to gray; leaves scattered along stem

7. Leaf base, tip rounded ..... subsp. obtusissima

7' Leaf base, tip  ..... subsp. rubra

1' Leaves semi-deciduous or evergreen, blades ± leathery or thin

8. Leaves semi-deciduous, fruit 2–3-stoned

9. Leaf blade thin, 20–60 mm, ; fruit 2-stoned ..... F. californica subsp. cuspidata (2)

9' Leaf blade ± leathery, 50–100 mm, widely  or  to obovate; fruit 3-stoned ..... F. purshiana subsp. ultramafica (2)

8' Leaves generally evergreen; fruit generally 2-stoned ..... F. californica

10. Leaf blade ± glabrous or abaxially ± puberulent

11. Leaf blade dark green adaxially, bright green or yellow abaxially; fruit 2-stoned ..... subsp. californica

11' Leaf blade ± yellow-green; fruit 3-stoned ..... subsp. occidentalis

10' Leaf blade adaxially glabrous to , abaxially glabrous to tomentose, velvety, or silvery

12. Leaf blade adaxially green, glabrous or minutely puberulent, abaxially glabrous to white-tomentose mixed with long hairs

13. Leaf tip abruptly pointed or not, margin  to dentate-serrate, long hairs conspicuous abaxially; c&s SN, Teh, TR, nw PR, SnJt, SNE, DMoj ..... subsp. cuspidata (2)

13' Leaf tip acute to rounded, margin  to , long hairs inconspicuous abaxially; DMtns (Clark, New York, Providence mtns) ..... subsp. ursina

12' Leaf blade white-tomentose, or adaxially dull green, glabrous, abaxially white-tomentose or velvety to silvery, long hairs 0.

14. Leaf blade narrowly elliptic, abaxially velvety to silvery ..... subsp. tomentella (2)

14' Leaf blade widely elliptic, abaxially white-tomentose or velvety to silvery

15. Leaf blade adaxially white-tomentose, tip ; s KR, NCoRI ..... subsp. crassifolia

15' Leaf blade adaxially glabrous (white-tomentose), tip acute; s KR, NCoR, CaRF, SNF, n SNH, ScV, SnFrB, SCoR, SW ..... subsp. tomentella (2)


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