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1. Nutlets paired or not, ± round or obovate to ± equally 4-sided, margins ± calyx nutlets; lower cauline leaves fused at base

2. Nutlets not paired, ± diamond-shaped; calyx  tip bristles hooked; stem branched ± near base;  in fruit 1–2.3 mm ..... P. pusilla

2' Nutlets paired, ± round to obovate; calyx lobe tip bristles not hooked; stem branched above; pedicel in fruit ± 0.5 mm ..... P. setosa

1' Nutlets paired,  or oblanceolate to  or ovate-elliptic, margins wavy to ± ; calyx , lobes < nutlets; lower cauline leaves generally , not fused at base

3. Cauline nutlets dissimilar, margin of 1 pair narrow or 0, of the other wide;  cleistogamous flowers present

4. Cauline nutlets curved in 2 planes, 1 pair incurved, the other ; pedicel in fruit partly fused to 1 nutlet; lower 3 calyx lobes unequal ..... P. heterocarpa

4' Cauline nutlets generally straight, all  in 1 plane; pedicel in fruit free from nutlets; lower 3 calyx lobes ± equal ..... P. peninsularis

3' Cauline nutlets similar, wavy-margined or dentate; basal cleistogamous flowers 0

5. Nutlet margins wavy,  to incurved, not or ± dentate entire length ..... P. penicillata

5' Nutlet margins dentate ± entire length

6. Nutlet coiled to recurved, linear ..... P. recurvata

6' Nutlet straight to occasionally ± recurved, ± oblong to linear

7. Stem  to ; nutlet margin teeth width at base generally << length; nutlets straight or ± recurved at tip ..... P. linearis subsp. ferocula

7' Stem  to erect; nutlet margin teeth width at base ± = length; nutlets recurved, generally ± so, ± throughout ..... P. platycarpa



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