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1. Calyx nutlets; nutlets ± round or obovate, margins ± ; lower cauline leaves fused at base..... P. setosa

1' Calyx ±  or irregular, lobes <= nutlets; nutlets  or oblanceolate to  or ovate-elliptic, margins wavy to ± ; lower cauline leaves generally , not fused at base

2. Nutlets of cauline fruits clearly dissimilar, lower nutlet or both lower and upper nutlets toward inflorescence axis different from nutlets away from inflorescence axis in size and/or degree of ornamentation

3. Basal cleistogamous flowers 0 ..... P. anisocarpa

3' Basal cleistogamous flowers present

4. Nutlets of cauline fruits in 2 planes; pair away from inflorescence axis incurved, nutlets toothed to jagged-winged; pair toward inflorescence axis  to  in fruit partially fused to lower nutlet toward inflorescence axis; corolla limb 0.5–1(1.5) mm diam..... P. heterocarpa

4' Nutlets of cauline fruits all in 1 plane; pair away from inflorescence axis flat, nutlet  generally entire with hook-tipped bristles; pair toward inflorescence axis flat; pedicel in fruit free; corolla limb 1.5–3.5 mm diam..... P. peninsularis

2' Nutlets of cauline fruits ± similar, all nutlets similar in size and/or degree of ornamentation

5. Nutlets conspicuously winged, wing margin often bearing bristles or teeth

6. Nutlet wing generally entire, except 2-lobed on each side, with hook-tipped bristles distally..... P. penicillata

6' Nutlet wing coarsely-toothed along entire length ..... P. platycarpa

5' Nutlets not conspicuously winged, nutlet body appearing to bear bristles or teeth ± directly, wing 0 or << teeth or bristles

7. Stems  to ; fruit not flat; nutlets strongly  to ± coiled ..... P. recurvata

7' Stems  to ; fruit ± flat; nutlets straight to slightly recurved at tip ..... P. linearis subsp. ferocula


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