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1. Calyx  unequal in width, 2–4 from fusion below middle, notched at tip; corolla tube generally 20-veined near base; nutlet generally smooth, cobblestone-like, or round-tubercled (except Amsinckia spectabilis var. spectabilis)

2. Stem glabrous to sparse-coarse-hairy, glaucous, ± white to pink below;  glaucous; nutlet smooth, adaxially with longitudinal slit-like groove, attachment  hidden

3. Corolla 12–22 mm, limb 8–14 mm diam, generally orange; generally heterostylous; nutlet 3–4 mm, , groove  at base ..... A. furcata

3' Corolla 8–12 mm, limb 2–6(8) mm diam, yellow (to orange-yellow); homostylous; nutlet 4–6 mm, , groove unforked at base ..... A. vernicosa

2' Stem hairy, not glaucous, ± green below; leaf not glaucous; nutlet smooth, cobblestone-like, or tubercled, adaxially without slit-like groove, attachment scar exposed

4. Nutlet 1.5–2 mm, ± black; leaf fine-toothed; stem generally ; coastal dunes or occasionally sandy bluffs ..... A. spectabilis var. spectabilis (2)

4' Nutlet 2.5–5 mm, gray to brown; leaf ; stem  to ; inland

5. Corolla 14–22 mm, limb 10–16 mm diam; heterostylous

6. Nutlet gray, dull, cobblestone-like; corolla yellow-orange; SCoR, w WTR ..... A. douglasiana

6' Nutlet ± brown, smooth, shiny; corolla red-orange; nw SnJV ..... A. grandiflora

5' Corolla 8–16 mm, limb 2–10 mm diam; homostylous ..... A. tessellata

7. Corolla 12–16 mm, limb 6–10 mm diam; anthers not  to, generally below stigma ..... var. gloriosa

7' Corolla 8–12 mm, limb 2–6 mm diam; anthers appressed to stigma ..... var. tessellata

1' Calyx lobes ± equal in width, 5, not fused above base (except Amsinckia spectabilis var. spectabilis); corolla tube 10-veined near base; nutlet generally sharp-tubercled, often ridged

8. Nutlet 1–2 mm; leaf ± succulent, fine-toothed ..... A. spectabilis

9. Stem erect; calyx lobes not fused above base; nutlet 1–1.5 mm; heterostylous ..... var. microcarpa

9' Stem generally decumbent; calyx lobes generally 2–3, ± 1/2-fused; nutlet 1.5–2 mm; heterostylous or homostylous ..... var. spectabilis (2)

8' Nutlet 2–4 mm; leaf not succulent, generally entire

10. Corolla , tube bent, limb generally with 2 dark spots ..... A. lunaris

10' Corolla , tube straight, limb with 0 or 5 dark spots

11. Corolla throat ± closed by 5 hairy appendages, tube constricted in lower 1/2; stamens attached below middle of corolla tube, style  ..... A. lycopsoides

11' Corolla throat open, glabrous, appendages 0, tube not constricted; stamens generally attached above middle of corolla tube, if below then style 

12. Corolla 10–20 mm, limb 8–14 mm diam; style generally ± exserted; anthers not appressed to, generally below stigma (if stigma at bottom 1/3 of tube, then anthers above stigma, at throat) ..... A. eastwoodiae

12' Corolla 4–11 mm, limb 1–10 mm diam; style not exserted; anthers generally appressed to stigma

13. Stem erect, ± gray, appressed to  hairs below present; leaf ± gray, hairs appressed to ascending; corolla ± yellow ..... A. retrorsa

13' Stem decumbent to erect, green to brown, appressed to reflexed hairs below ± 0; leaf green, hairs ± not appressed to ascending; corolla ± orange

14. Stem ascending to erect; corolla 7–11 mm, limb 4–10 mm diam, ± orange, tube exserted ..... A. intermedia

14' Stem decumbent to ± ascending; corolla 4–7 mm, limb 1–3 mm diam, yellow to orange-yellow, tube ± exserted ..... A. menziesii


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