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1. Corolla tubecalyx; flowers heterostylous

2. Corolla limb and appendages yellow ..... O. confertiflora

2' Corolla limb white, appendages yellow to white ..... O. flavoculata

1' Corolla tube <= calyx; flowers homostylous

3. Nutlets incurved globular, tips strongly bent toward styleabaxial surfaces curved, margins not in contact, attachment  edges overlapping ..... O. abortiva

3' Nutlets lance-ovoid, tips not bent towards style, abaxial surface flat, not bowed apart, margins ± in contact, attachment scar edges abutted to gapped

4. Main stem axis 1–2(3) cm;  leaves < 1.5 cm ..... O. roosiorum

4' Main stem axis generally > 2 cm; basal leaves generally > 1.5 cm

5. Nutlet margin widely winged, 4.5–6 mm including  ..... O. crymophila

5' Nutlet generally <= 4.5(–4.8) mm, margin a ± flat narrow rim or occasionally sharp-angled, not widely winged

6. Nutlet adaxial surfaces smooth or central area generally smooth near attachment scar

7. Nutlet attachment scar edges gapped ..... O. subretusa

7' Nutlet attachment scar edges generally touching or abutted

8. Caudex not woody, unbranched; basal leaves ± gray, dense-tomentose – e MP ..... O. schoolcraftii

8' Caudex often woody, generally branched; basal leaves green or gray, appressed- or sparse-soft-bristly to dense-rough-hairy

9. Basal leaves green, sparse-soft-bristly to dense-rough-hairy; nutlets narrowly ..... O. nubigena

9' Basal leaves gray, appressed-bristly; nutlets lanceolate-ovate..... O. sobolifera

6' Nutlet  adaxial surfaces variously roughened, rugose, tuberculate, cross-ridged, or occasionally indistinctly so

10. Pedicel in fruit 0–2(3) mm

11. Corolla limb 7–10 mm diam; calyx in fruit 7.5–10 mm; nutlet attachment scar edges flat; e Wrn ..... O. glomerata

11' Corolla limb 3–7 mm diam; calyx in fruit 3.5–8 mm; nutlet attachment scar edges raised; W&I, n DMtns ..... O. hoffmannii

10' Pedicel in fruit (2)3–12 mm

12. Corolla late-deciduous to persistent; nutlet attachment scar edges flat ..... O. humilis subsp. humilis

12' Corolla ± early-deciduous; nutlet attachment scar edges raised

13. Plant long-lived  herb woody; nutlet abaxial ridge rounded, ± indistinct near base ..... O. tumulosa

13' Plant biennial or short-lived perennial herb; caudex not woody; nutlet abaxial ridge sharp-angled ..... O. virginensis



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