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1. Flowers opening narrowly, petals ± styles 1.5–3 mm, ± slender

2. Petiole generally densely hairy with nonglandular hairsterminal  generally > 10-toothed, tip  to rounded; n California ..... D. rhomboidea

2' Petiole sparsely hairy with glandular and nonglandular hairs; terminal leaflet < 10-toothed, tip ± ; TR ..... D. cuneifolia

3. Stem 20–45 cm; leaves 5–15 cm; SnBr ..... var. cuneifolia

3' Stem generally 5–20 cm; leaves 2–10 cm; SnGb ..... var. ewanii

1' Flowers opening widely, petals ; styles generally < 1.5 mm, swollen

4. Petals ± <= sepals, ± elliptic-(ob)ovate; stem and  hairs generally glandular ..... D. glandulosa

5. Petals ± elliptic-ovate, 3.5–6 mm wide, cream to pale yellow; inflorescence appearing ± leafy (bracts ± 1/2 subtended branches);  1–5 mm

6. Petals generally 3.5–5 mm, generally pale yellow, sometimes cream; inland ..... var. glandulosa

6' Petals generally 4.5–6.5 mm, cream (± yellow); coastal ..... var. wrangelliana

5' Petals narrow-elliptic-obovate, 2–3.5 mm wide, yellow; inflorescence not appearing leafy (bracts < 1/2 subtended branches); pedicels 2–10 mm

7. Inflorescence branches spreading (angle generally 25–55°); leaflet teeth mostly double; sepal tip generally obtuse ..... var. reflexa

7' Inflorescence branches  (angle generally 10–30°); leaflet teeth mostly single; sepal tip  ..... var. viscida

4' Petals > sepals, ± obovate to round; stem and pedicel hairs glandular or not – > 900 m

8. Stem generally 5–25 cm; sheathing  base generally appressed-hairy – generally glandular above; rocky areas, 2300–3900 m ..... D. pseudorupestris

9. Leaflets generally 4 per side; calyx with prominent nonglandular hairs 1–1.5 mm; styles generally ± red ..... var. crumiana

9' Leaflets generally 3 per side; calyx with nonglandular hairs generally < 1 mm or 0; styles generally golden-brown ..... var. saxicola

8' Stem generally 10–90 cm; sheathing leaf base generally glabrous

10. Inflorescence open, branches spreading (angle generally 20–40°); petals ± yellow; pedicel hairs glandular; n California ..... D. lactea var. austiniae

10' Inflorescence congested or narrow, branches ascending (angle generally 10–30°); petals cream or ± yellow; pedicel hairs nonglandular; CaR, SN, TR, SnJt, SNE

11. St-base hairs generally 2–3 mm, glandular; stem 40–90 cm; leaflet teeth generally double; 1200–2200 m ..... D. hansenii

11' St-base hairs < 1 mm, nonglandular; stem generally 20–60 cm; leaflet teeth generally single; 1800–3700 m ..... D. lactea var. lactea


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