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1. Fruit generally spineless or occasionally with few thin, deciduous spines, generally fleshy to leathery in age, occasionally slow-drying

2. Fruit generally bearing flowers; perianth purple-red ..... C. prolifera

2' Fruit not bearing flowers; perianth white to yellow, green, or red-brown

3. Terminal stem segment > 3 × longer than wide

4. Stem  to , spines appearing sparse, spines of stem areoles generally ± equal, tubercles generally < 20 mm, oval; coastal, < 250 m ..... C. californica var. californica (2)

4' Stem erect, spines rather dense or if appearing sparse then tubercles generally > 20 mm,  to elongate, spines of stem areoles generally with 1–3 longer central; inland, generally > 700 m ..... C. bernardina (2)

3' Terminal stem segment generally < 3 × longer than wide

5. Tubercle length ± = width ..... C. bigelovii

5' Tubercle length ± 2 × width

6. Spines 7–10 per tuberclefruit < 2.5 cm; seed 0 or irregularly shaped, < 3 mm ..... C. fosbergii

6' Spines 9–16 per tubercle; fruit 2.5–3.5 cm; seed ± spheric, ± 3 mm ..... C. munzii

1' Fruit generally spiny, generally dry at maturity

7. Stem < 1 cm diam, tubercle generally < 1 mm high ..... C. ramosissima

7' Stem > 1.5 cm diam, tubercle > 3 mm high

8. Terminal stem segment generally < 1 dm, tubercle length < 2 × width

9. Generally erect shrubs with 1 to few  to erect main trunks, distance between trunk  (main branches) generally >= 10 cm, with 1–2 branches per trunk ; inner perianth parts yellow-green; filaments green to pale yellow; styles pale yellow-green ..... C. echinocarpa

9' Generally low shrubs with several decumbent to ascending main trunks, distance between trunk nodes generally < 5 cm, with >= 3 branches per trunk node; inner perianth parts pale to dark pink-purple, occasionally pale yellow-green; filaments generally tinged pink-purple; style generally tinged pale to dark pink-purple ..... C. chuckwallensis

8' Terminal stem segment generally > 1 dm, tubercle length > 3 × width

10. Stem generally branched only distally; trunk generally 1; inner perianth parts generally yellow ..... C. acanthocarpa var. acanthocarpa

10' Stem generally branched near base; trunks several to many; inner perianth parts yellow-green, yellow, bronze, to red

11. Filaments red to magenta; perianth parts yellow, bronze, to red; e DSon (extreme se San Diego Co., sw Imperial Co.) ..... C. wolfii

11' Filaments green to yellow; perianth parts yellow to yellow-green; sw SnJV (Cuyama Valley), s SCoRO (Cuyama River Canyon), s SCo, PR, DSon

12. Stem decumbent to erect, spines appearing sparse, tubercles generally < 20 mm, oval; coastal, < 250 m ..... C. californica var. californica (2)

12' Stem erect, spines rather dense or if appearing sparse then tubercles generally > 20 mm, elliptic to elongate; inland, generally > 250 m

13. Spines generally not prominent, not obscuring young stem segments; stem segments 14–43 cm, tubercles 16–35 mm ..... C. bernardina (2)

13' Spines prominent, obscuring young stem segments; stem segments 10–26 cm, tubercles 11–25 mm ..... C. ganderi


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