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1. Glandular hairs dense on inflorescence branches, ; outer sepals calyx hairs 1–1.7 mm,  (sometimes also with short  hairs) ..... C. greenei

1' Glandular hairs 0 to sparse on inflorescence branches, pedicels; outer sepals ; calyx hairs <= 1 mm, stellate

2. Petals 4–8 mm; inner sepals 3.5–5(7.5 sporadically along coast and on Santa Cruz Island) mm; fruit 3–4 mm; stems 10–45 cm,  to , together cup-like or not; deciduous in mid summer ..... C. scoparium

3. Plants generally 10–30 cm; stems proximally spreading and distally  or proximally ascending and distally erect; outer sepals 1.5–2.5 mm; NCo, NCoRO, CCo, SnFrB, SCo (rare), n ChI (Santa Cruz Island) ..... C. scoparium var. scoparium

3' Plants generally 30–45 cm; stems proximally ascending and distally erect or generally erect throughout; outer sepals 2–3.5 mm; NCoRO, NCoRI, n SNF, SnJV, SnFrB, SCoRI, SCo, WTR, SnGb, PR ..... C. scoparium var. vulgare

2' Petals 8–12 mm; inner sepals 4.7–7(8) mm; fruit 3.5–4.3 mm; stems 30–80 cm, erect, together not cup-like; deciduous late summer, fall

4. Stems ± glabrous to sparsely stellate-hairy, leaves and inflorescences stellate-felt-like; inflorescences wide; SCo, PR ..... C. aldersonii

4' Stems, leaves, inflorescences densely stellate-felt-like (occasionally stems moderately stellate-hairy); inflorescences narrow; n SNF ..... C. suffrutescens



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