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1. Hypanthium 4.5–40 mm; plant with cauline leaves 0 or poorly developed (sect. Lignothera)

2. Hypanthium 18–40 mm; inflorescence opensepals 8–15 mm ..... C. arenaria

2' Hypanthium 4.5–14 mm; inflorescence dense; sepals 3–9 mm ..... C. cardiophylla

3. Hypanthium 4.5–12 mm; hairs generally , occasionally some glandular; c&s DMoj (San Bernardino Co.), DSon ..... subsp. cardiophylla

3' Hypanthium 9–14 mm; hairs generally glandular, some spreading, nonglandular; n DMoj (Inyo Co.) ..... subsp. robusta

1' Hypanthium 0.4–8 mm; plant generally with well-developed  rosette, occasionally cauline leaves also present; leaves generally 1-pinnate (sect. Chylismia)

4. Petals lavender, base generally yellow, lavender-dotted; rosette poorly developed ..... C. heterochroma

4' Petals yellow or white, occasionally fading purple or red or base purple- or red-dotted; rosette well developed

5. Fruit generally < 2 mm wide, ± same width throughout

6. Sepals 1.5–4 mm;  1–1.5 mm; stigma ± = anthers; inflorescence lateral leaflets < 30 mm ..... C. walkeri subsp. tortilis

6' Sepals 5–9 mm; hypanthium 3–8 mm; stigma > anthers; inflorescence nodding; lateral leaflets generally < 10 mm or 0 ..... C. brevipes

7. Flower  petals generally fading red ..... subsp. arizonica

7' Flower bud not reflexed; petals not fading red

8. Plant hairs spreading; sepals in bud with free subterminal tips; petals not red-dotted ..... subsp. brevipes

8' Plant  (spreading-hairy proximally); sepals in bud without free tips; petals generally red-dotted ..... subsp. pallidula

5' Fruit > 2 mm wide, wider toward tip

9. Pedicel and fruit becoming reflexed; petals yellow ..... C. munzii

9' Pedicel and fruit spreading or ; petals white or yellow ..... C. claviformis

10. Plant spreading-hairy proximally; free tips of sepals in bud conspicuous; petals generally yellow ..... subsp. peirsonii

10' Plant strigose or glabrous proximally (except Chylismia claviformis subsp. cruciformis); free tips of sepals in bud 0 or inconspicuous (except Chylismia claviformis subsp. funerea); petals white or yellow

11. Petals yellow

12. Plant strigose distally, also glandular or not; free tips of sepals in bud 0 or short ..... subsp. yumae

12' Plant glabrous distally or glandular-hairy; free tips of sepals in bud 0

13. Terminal   to ± , lateral leaflets few to many; flower generally opening at dawn ..... subsp. cruciformis

13' Terminal leaflet , lateral leaflets 0–few; flower opening at dusk ..... subsp. lancifolia

11' Petals white (pale yellow in Chylismia claviformis subsp. claviformis)

14. Lateral leaflets generally well developed

15. Plant strigose distally (glandular-hairy) ..... subsp. aurantiaca

15' Plant ± glabrous distally or with few glandular hairs ..... subsp. claviformis

14' Lateral leaflets generally 0 or poorly developed

16. Free tips of sepals in bud conspicuous; plant generally strigose distally ..... subsp. funerea

16' Free tips of sepals in bud 0 or minute; plant ± glabrous distally or generally with some glandular hairs ..... subsp. integrior


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