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1. Disk pappus 0

2. Plant glandless; paleae subtending ± all disk flowers ..... L. chrysanthemoides (2)

2' Plant glandular; paleae in 1 involucre-like series between ray and disk flowers

3. Plants apple- or banana-scented;   leaves generally minutely  to minutely  (coarsely toothed); ray corolla white or cream ..... L. heterotricha (2)

3' Plants unscented or not apple- or banana-scented; basal rosette leaves lobed; ray corolla white, yellow, or 2-colored, yellow proximallydistally ± white or pale yellow

4. Stem generally purple-streaked;  bell-shaped to hemispheric, ± spheric, or ± 

5. Involucre ± spheric to bell-shaped or hemispheric; ray flowers 6–18 in 1 series, ray yellow throughout or distally white or pale-yellow ..... L. gaillardioides (2)

5' Involucre ± widely urn-shaped; ray flowers 13–27 in 2 series, ray 2-colored ..... L. jonesii (2)

4' Stem generally not purple-streaked; involucre ± hemispheric

6. Plant not strongly scented; ray yellow throughout or distally white; anthers generally ± dark purple, sometimes yellow to ± brown in SW ..... L. platyglossa (2)

6' Plant strongly lemon- or acrid-scented; ray white or yellow; anthers yellow to ± brown ..... L. pentachaeta (2)

1' Disk pappus of 1–32 bristles, or scales

8' Heads radiate, ray sometimes inconspicuous

9. Paleae subtending ± all disk flowers; plant glandless

10. Disk pappus of generally very unequal, awl-shaped or bristle-like awns and scales ..... L. chrysanthemoides (2)

10' Disk pappus of ± equal,  scales ..... L. fremontii

9' Paleae in 1 involucre-like series between ray and disk flowers; plant glandular

11. Disk pappus of  or lance-linear to , non-plumose, non-woolly scales, 0.5–3.5 mm, bases sparsely bristly

12. Ray white; anthers yellow to ± brown; ray fruit sparsely hairy ..... L. leucopappa

12' Ray proximally yellow, distally white; anthers ± dark purple; ray fruit glabrous or sparsely hairy

13. Ray flowers 13–27 in 2 series; stem generally purple-streaked; pappus 0.5–2 mm; ray fruit shiny, glabrous; s CCo, c SCoRO ..... L. jonesii (2)

13' Ray flowers 6–15 in 1 series; stem not purple-streaked; pappus 2–3.5 mm; ray fruit ± dull, glabrous or sparsely hairy; s SnJV ..... L. munzii

11' Disk pappus generally of bristles or bristle-like scales, 1–7 mm, if scales  and long-tapering or awl-shaped, then proximally  and often proximally woolly adaxially

14. Disk pappus bristles or scales proximally plumose and adaxially woolly, or ± scabrous throughout, if proximally plumose and not woolly, then scales linear and long-tapering or awl-shaped; plant generally not strongly scented if not touched

15. Disk pappus of 10–15 linear and long-tapering or awl-shaped scales; ray generally ± white, sometimes pale or golden yellow ..... L. glandulosa

15' Disk pappus of (11)14–32 bristles or bristle-like scales; ray yellow throughout or distally white

16. Disk pappus generally scabrous throughout, sometimes proximally plumose and adaxially woolly in SW; ray yellow throughout or distally white; anthers generally ± dark purple, sometimes yellow to ± brown in SW; involucre ± hemispheric; phyllary tips often > folded bases ..... L. platyglossa (2)

16' Disk pappus densely plumose proximally and adaxially woolly; ray yellow; anthers yellow to ± brown; involucre narrower, bell-shaped to ± ellipsoid; phyllary tips generally < folded bases ..... L. septentrionalis

14' Disk pappus bristles or bristle-like scales proximally plumose, generally not woolly adaxially; plant generally strongly scented, even when not touched (except fleshy plants of coastal dunes)

17. Disk pappus readily falling as a unit; basal rosette leaves generally minutely dentate or minutely serrate (coarsely toothed); ray white or cream ..... L. heterotricha (2)

17' Disk pappus persistent; basal rosette leaves lobed; ray white or yellow throughout, or proximally yellow and distally white or pale yellow

18. Anthers yellow to ± brown ..... L. pentachaeta (2)

18' Anthers ± dark purple

20. Stem not purple-streaked; ray white, 1.5–3.5 mm; ray fruit sparsely hairy ..... L. carnosa

20' Stem purple-streaked; ray yellow throughout or distally ± white or pale yellow, 1–18 mm; ray fruit glabrous

21. Ray yellow throughout or distally ± white or pale-yellow, 3.5–18 mm; disk pappus of 15–24 bristles or bristle-like scales, main stem , not strictly  ..... L. gaillardioides (2)

21' Ray yellow, 1–4 mm; disk pappus of 10–16 bristles or bristle-like scales; main stem strictly erect ..... L. hieracioides



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