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1. Leaves , each  with a distinct, ± yellow bump near tip ..... G. squarrosa var. serrulata

1' Leaves  or ; if serrate, ± yellow bump near tip of teeth 0;

2. Plants of dunes, salt marshes, coastal bluffs, tidal flats, sloughs; leaves ± fleshy; NCo to SCo, deltaic GV (Suisun)

3. Stems woody in proximal 3–15 dm, phyllaries  to  except for short, erect tips, tip < 3 mm long; tidal wetlands; CCo (San Francisco Bay) ..... G. stricta var. angustifolia

3' Stems herbaceous or woody in proximal 0–1 dm, erect, , or ; phyllaries generally , or coiled; widespread

4. Stems erect, 6–20 dm; salt marshes, sloughs

5. Leaves on flowering stems generally widest at base or of ± equal width throughout; Deltaic GV (Suisun) ..... G. ×paludosa

5' Leaves on flowering stems generally widest at rounded tip or ± equally wide at tip and base but narrower in middle of ; NCo ..... G. stricta var. stricta (2)

4' Stems prostrate, decumbent, or erect, if erect, stems 1–6 dm; dunes, coastal bluffs

6. Plants decumbent or erect; leaves generally , sometimes clasping stems, ± same width throughout or widest near base; NCo to SCo, ChI ..... G. stricta var. platyphylla

6' Plants decumbent; leaves generally  to , widest at rounded tip; NCo ..... G. stricta var. stricta (2)

2' Plants of fields, grasslandwoodlandserpentine soils, disturbed areas, or interior wetlands; leaves not fleshy; widespread (absent from Suisun delta)

7. Phyllaries flattened throughout, gradually tapered to tips; phyllary tips erect; plants generally ± hairy

8. Heads 7–10 mm diam; rays 8–9 mm; PR (San Diego Co.) ..... G. hallii (2)

8' Involucres 7–25 mm diam; rays 8–20 mm; NCoR, GV, CW, SCo, TR ..... G. hirsutula

7' Phyllaries flattened only at bases, rounded in ×-section distally, abruptly narrowed to tips; phyllary tips spreading, , or coiled; plants generally glabrous

9. Heads ± obconic; e DMoj, wet clay of meadows, woodland borders ..... G. fraxinipratensis

9' Heads bell-shaped or hemispheric, widening abruptly at the base; widespread

10. Phyllaries appressed to head for > 3/4 length, reflexed or coiled portion < 3 mm; PR (San Diego Co.) ..... G. hallii (2)

10' Phyllaries appressed to head for < 1/2 length, spreading, reflexed, or coiled portion > 5 mm; widespread

11. Outer phyllaries reflexed, curved, or coiled < 270° ..... G. camporum (2)

11' > 75% of phyllaries coiled or recurved 270–360° or more

12. Plants 6–25 dm; mature  bell-shaped to hemispheric, 15–22 mm diam; SnJV, SCo (geog subset of sp.) ..... G. camporum (2)

12' Plants 1–5 dm; mature involucre bell-shaped, 7–12 mm diam; CaR, MP ..... G. nana



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