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1. Shrubroots exposed at low tide; hook-like outgrowth subtending seed 0; flowers white; coastal salt marshes, SCo ..... AVICENNIA

1' Subshrubshrub; roots not exposed; hook-like outgrowth subtending seed present; flowers white with yellow or ± red; dry sandy or rocky soils, especially washes, rocky slopes, w PR, DSon

2. Corolla 1–1.8 cm, white with yellow, maroon-streaked spot on upper liptubelipsanther sacs ± equally placed on filament, not spurred; fruit glabrous ..... CARLOWRIGHTIA

2' Corolla 2–4 cm, dull scarlet (yellow), tube generally >= lips; anther sacs unequally placed on filament, lower sac spurred; fruit canescent ..... JUSTICIA


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