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1. Head 3–7-flowered

2. Leaf   to lance-ovate,  to ; faces gland-dotted and sparsely  or hairy, not appearing glossy or varnished ..... B. knappiana

2' Leaf blade  to lance-elliptic or -ovate,  or nearly so; faces gland-dotted, appearing varnished or glossy, often also puberulent ..... B. longifolia

3. Leaf blade linear or lance-linear to lance-elliptic, flat, not folded or sickle-shaped, 2–9 mm wide, length 8–25 × width, base  ..... var. longifolia

3' Leaf blade lance-ovate to narrowly lanceolate, folded along midvein and/or sickle-shaped, 2–15 mm wide, length 4–8 × width, base rounded ..... var. multiflora

1' Head 8–90-flowered

4. Perennial herb or subshrub from woody 

5. Petiole 10–70 mm ..... B. grandiflora

5' Petiole 0–2 mm

6. Leaf blade , serrate ..... B. greenei

6' Leaf blade , lance-linear or , entire ..... B. oblongifolia var. linifolia

4' Shrub

7. Head 40–90-flowered

8. Stemleaves densely white-tomentose ..... B. incana

8' Stem minutely glandular; leaves glabrous or puberulent, often , or with mix of glandular and glandless hairs ..... B. atractyloides

9. Outer phyllaries widely ovate ..... var. atractyloides

9' Outer phyllaries lance-linear to -ovate

10. Margin of outer phyllaries ± entire ..... var. arguta

10' Margin of outer phyllaries dentate ..... var. odontolepis

7' Head 8–35-flowered

11. Leaf blade oblong to spoon-shaped, entire ..... B. frutescens

11' Leaf blade , ovate, to nearly round or , generally toothed (entire)

12. Phyllaries in 4–7 series

13. Petiole 5–60+ mm;  blade 10–100 mm ..... B. californica

13' Petiole 1–2.5 mm; leaf blade 3–15 mm ..... B. desertorum

12' Phyllaries in 5–9 series, tips  or 

14. Plant densely  and glandular;  16–24-flowered ..... B. nevinii

14' Plant glandular-puberulent or glands mixed with long, crooked hairs, occasionally short-tomentose; head 8–24-flowered ..... B. microphylla

15. Head 15–28(34)-flowered; plant with glands mixed with long, crooked hairs, occasionally short-tomentose ..... var. microphylla

15' Head generally 8–15-flowered; plant glandular-puberulent ..... var. scabra


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