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1. Leaves in bundles of (1)2–5 (generally 1 in Pinus monophylla, but then ± round in section, vs leaves ± flat under 1'), generally 2.5–35 cm, base in scaly seed cone  fused to  at least basally, , inconspicuous ..... PINUS

1' Leaves not in bundles, 0.5–9 cm, base not in scaly sheath; seed cone bract generally ± free from scale (± fused in Abies),  or included, conspicuous

2. Twig without persistent, peg-like  bases; seed cone scalesbracts deciduousaxis persistent on stem, ultimately falling ..... ABIES

2' Twig with or without persistent, peg-like leaf bases; seed cone pendent, scales, bracts, axis persistent on stem, ultimately falling as unit

3. Twig without persistent, peg-like leaf bases; seed cone 4–20 cm, bracts exserted, 3-toothed or -lobed ..... PSEUDOTSUGA

3' Twig with persistent, peg-like leaf bases; seed cone 1.2–12 cm, bracts included,  or 

4. Leaf tip blunt to , persistent base , peg-like; seed cone 5–12 cm ..... PICEA

4' Leaf tip generally blunt, persistent base , wedge or scale-like; seed cone 1.2–7.5 cm ..... TSUGA


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