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1. Leaves  or awl-like

2. Leaves on sprouting, rapidly growing, or fertile stems awl-like, , not ranked, < 8 mm, on other stems linear (to lance-linear), , ± 2-ranked, 5–25 mm; seed cone 13–35 mm ..... SEQUOIA

2' Leaves awl-like, appressed, ± 4-ranked, < 15 mm; seed cone 40–90 mm ..... SEQUOIADENDRON

1' Leaves  or , scale-like to less often awl- or needle-like

3. Seed cone ± fleshy, berry-like, scales fused; seed  0; leaves whorled in 3s or not ..... JUNIPERUS

3' Seed cone woody, not berry-like, scales ± free; seed wing present, vestigial or not; leaves not whorled in 3s

4. Seed cone ± , scales not , ± overlapping; seeds (1)2 per fertile 

5. Seed cone ± pendent, scales in 3 pairs, middle pair fertile; leaves opposite, appearing whorled in 4s, exposed part of each  longer than wide; seed wings unequal ..... CALOCEDRUS

5' Seed cone  to , scales in 4–6 pairs, middle 2–3 pairs fertile; leaves opposite, ± not appearing whorled in 4s; exposed part of each leaf ± as long as wide; seed wings ± equal ..... THUJA

4' Seed cone ± spheric to widely , scales peltate, abutting; seeds generally many per fertile scale

6. Seed cone maturing 1st year, scale projection generally present, <= 1 mm, base  from edge; leaves of 2 kinds ..... CHAMAECYPARIS

6' Seed cone maturing 2nd year, scale projection generally > 1 mm, especially 1st year, base level with or rising from edge; leaves of 1 kind (except Callitropsis)

7. Ultimate 3 orders of shoots in 2-dimensional, pendent clusters; seed cone opening, falling at maturity, scales generally 4–6 ..... CALLITROPSIS

7' Ultimate 3 orders of shoots in 3-dimensional, spreading clusters (except sometimes Hesperocyparis macnabiana); seed cone generally closed, falling many years after maturity, scales generally 6–12 ..... HESPEROCYPARIS



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