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1. Fruitcapsule

2. Fruit prickly ..... DATURA

2' Fruit not prickly

3. Calyx tube, winged toward base ..... [NICANDRA]

3' Calyx lobes generally < tube, not wing-like at base

4. Corolla narrowly seeds flat,  0.5 mm wide ..... ORYCTES

4' Corolla  to ; seeds angled but not flat, wing 0

5. Flowers in racemes or , only lower in axils of leaf-like bracts ..... NICOTIANA

5' Flowers 1 in axils of leaves or leaf-like bracts ..... PETUNIA

1' Fruit a berry (dry or fleshy)

6. Corolla salverform to funnel-, bell-, or urn-shaped, or lobes 

7. Shrub, generally with thorns ..... LYCIUM

7' Perennial herb or shrub, unarmed

8. Plant  shrub; corolla narrowly funnel-shaped ..... CESTRUM

8' Plant  or climbing  herb; corolla urn-shaped ..... SALPICHROA

6' Corolla ±  to shallowly bell-shaped or lobes reflexed

9. Anthers opening by pores or short slits near tip ..... SOLANUM (2)

9' Anthers opening by slits from tip (except any sterile part) to near base

10. Anthers generally > filaments

11. Anthers adherent, tube-like around style; leaves ± odd-1–2-pinnate ..... LYCOPERSICON

11' Anthers free, not tube-like around style; leaves  to deeply pinnately lobed ..... SOLANUM (2)

10' Anthers generally < filaments

12. Calyx in fruit ± enlarged but not bladder-like; corolla tube  between stamen bases ..... CHAMAESARACHA

12' Calyx in fruit bladder-like; corolla tube hairy but not tomentose between stamen bases ..... PHYSALIS


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