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1. Plant ± purple, brown, tan, or yellow-white, not green (holoparasites); leaves reduced to ± fleshy bractscorolla upper lip  or 2-lobed

2. Inflorescence glabrous; bracts widely and closely overlapping, inrolled at tip; tip of upper corolla lip incurved at maturity; capsule 3–4 valved ..... KOPSIOPSIS

2' Inflorescence hairy; bracts little or not overlapping,  or  at tip; upper corolla lip straight to recurved at maturity; capsule 2-valved

3. Calyx 4-lobed, cut deeper on upper side ..... PHELIPANCHE (Phelipanche ramosa)

3' Calyx 5-lobed, cut equally or deeper on lower side ..... APHYLLON

1' Plant generally green at least in part (hemiparasites); leaves normally expanded; upper corolla lip fused into a beak or hood

4. Leaves , at least distally on stem

5. Upper corolla lip pink, lower lip white; calyx  unequal; fruit generally wider than long ..... BELLARDIA

5' Corolla yellow or red-purple; calyx lobes ± equal; fruit longer than wide ..... PARENTUCELLIA

4' Leaves  or ± 

6. Tip of upper 2 corolla lobes not rounded, open, opening directed forward, forming a beak

7. Annual to subshrubanther sacs 2 per stamen; corolla throat not indented (except Castilleja campestris); seed coat generally loose-fitting ..... CASTILLEJA

7' Annual; anther sac 1 per stamen; corolla throat generally abruptly indented forming a fold proximal to lower lip; seed coat generally tight-fitting ..... TRIPHYSARIA

6' Tip of upper 2 corolla lobes rounded, closed, opening directed downward forming a hood enclosing anthers and style

8. Anther sacs 2 per stamen, equal; leaves toothed or generally > 7-lobed ..... PEDICULARIS

8' Anther sac 1 per stamen or 2, unequal; leaves entire or lobes 3–7(11)

9. Calyx unequally 4-lobed; bracts distinct from leaves or not; lower corolla lip generally 3-toothed; inflorescence ..... ORTHOCARPUS

9' Calyx sheath-like, occasionally ± notched; bracts grading from leaf-like to calyx-like; lower corolla lip 3-lobed; inflorescence various

10. Leaves entire and , or palmately 3–7-lobed, segments narrow; inflorescence a short dense spike, < 2(5) cm, or flowers 1, scattered; fertile stamens (2)4; middle  of lower corolla lip tightly rolled under, tip distinctly folded inside-out ..... CORDYLANTHUS

10' Leaves entire and  to , or pinnately lobed; inflorescence an elongated spike, generally > 3 cm; fertile stamens 2 (except Chloropyron maritimum), sterile stamens reduced to rudimentary filaments or bearing sterile, long-hairy, appendages; middle lobe of lower corolla lip erect, not rolled under

11. Leaves entire; calyx = or slightly < corolla, notched ± 1 mm at tip; anther sacs ± overlapping; saline and alkaline habitats ..... CHLOROPYRON

11' Leaves pinnately lobed; calyx ± 1/2 corolla, divided > 1/2; anther sacs widely separated; not in saline or alkaline habitats ..... DICRANOSTEGIA



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