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1. Stigma inflorescence or fruit generally winged

2. Fruit wings thick or 0, not surrounding fruit body; flowers maturing outer before inner or ± simultaneously; receptacle conic, ± smooth ..... ABRONIA

2' Fruit wings translucent, surrounding fruit body; flowers maturing 1 side of inflorescence before the other; receptacle flat or rounded, studded with peg-shaped pedicel-like projections ..... TRIPTEROCALYX

1' Stigma ± spheric, generally ; inflorescence a head or umbel or not; fruit generally unwinged

3. Bracts 3 or 5(9), generally at least partially fused, forming a calyx-like 

4. Flowers strongly , in 1 involucre 3, blooming ± together; bracts 3; fruit bilateral ..... ALLIONIA

4' Flowers  or ± bilateral, in 1 involucre 1–16, generally not blooming together; bracts 5(9); fruit radial ..... MIRABILIS

3' Bracts 1–3, free, not forming an involucre

5. Stem , > 7 mm diam; fruit glabrous, with 10 inconspicuous ribs ..... ANULOCAULIS

5' Stem  to erect, generally << 5 mm diam; fruit hairy or not, with (4)5 prominent ribs or wings

6. Perianth tube 30–170 mm, trumpet-shaped; fruit , glabrous, 5–10 mm ..... ACLEISANTHES

6' Perianth tube < 5 mm, bell-shaped; fruit club-shaped, glabrous or hairy, < 4 mm ..... BOERHAVIA



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