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1. Fruitberryseeds often > 5 mm; leaves generally  (whorled).

2. Calyx petals 5; seed coat shiny, hard ..... [MYRTUS]

2' Calyx lobes, petals 4; seed coat membranous

3. Ripe fruit dark purple; seeds generally > 1, lenticular; colyledons ± = embryonic stem ..... [LUMA]

3' Ripe fruit red or purple; seed generally 1, sphericcotyledons >> embryonic stem ..... [SYZYGIUM]

1' Fruit a capsule or nut; seeds generally 1–3 mm; mature leaves  or opposite

4. Perianth parts fused into  cap in bud, shed at flower as a unit ..... EUCALYPTUS

4' Perianth parts free in bud, each segment persistent or falling separately

5. Flowers in a dense cylindrical cluster surrounding stem at tip or just below; stamens several × > perianth ..... MELALEUCA

5' Flowers 1 or in small clusters, not surrounding stem; stamens <= perianth

6. Leaves opposite,  or awl-shaped; fruit a 1-chambered nut; style with ring of hairs just below stigma ..... [CHAMELAUCIUM]

6' Leaves alternate, oblanceolate to obovate-oblong; fruit a many-chambered capsule; style glabrous ..... LEPTOSPERMUM



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