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1. Calyx  not alike, outer 3  ..... TRICARDIA

1' Calyx lobes alike or not, not cordate

2. Calyx  appendages generally present (0 in Pholistoma membranaceum, sometimes 0 in Nemophila pulchella); annual

3. Ovaryfruit hairy, not bristly ..... NEMOPHILA

3' Ovary, fruit bristly-hairy ..... PHOLISTOMA

2' Calyx sinus appendages 0; annual,  herb

4. Leaves cauline ..... DRAPERIA

4' Leaves  or, if cauline, at least some 

5. Annual

6. Herbage sticky; ovules on both sides of placenta; 1–2 seeds persistent in fruit ..... EUCRYPTA

6' Herbage generally not sticky (except Emmenanthe, some Phacelia species); ovules on 1 side of placenta; seeds not persistent in fruit

7. Flowers ± sub-spreading to pendentcorolla persistent, white, yellow, or pink, in age papery ..... EMMENANTHE

7' Flowers  to ; corolla generally deciduous, blue to purple, occasionally persistent, yellow (purple), in age not papery ..... PHACELIA (2)

5' Perennial herb

8. Plant with fleshy-fibrous or tuber-like roots or base bulb-like; style ± 2-lobed

9. Leaves compound to , deep-lobed, sinuses reaching midrib; stamens ; seeds 1–3 ..... HYDROPHYLLUM

9' Leaves simple, , toothed, or lobed, sinuses not reaching midrib; stamens ; seeds many ..... ROMANZOFFIA

8' Plant taprooted, base not bulb-like, tubers 0; style 2-lobed to -branched

10. Inflorescence many-flowered; leaves generally lobed to compound, sometimes entire ..... PHACELIA (2)

10' Inflorescence 1-several-flowered; leaves entire

11. Inflorescence 1-flowered; style tip 2-lobed; seeds many ..... HESPEROCHIRON

11' Inflorescence 1-several-flowered; style cleft ± to base; seeds 2–4 ..... HOWELLANTHUS


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