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1. Rhizomatous  herb to shrubcalyx 1.7–4.5 cm;  edges flat to ± rolled under; main leaf axils generally with clusters of smaller leaves

2. Rhizomatous perennial herb, 1 inflorescence per stem; leaf adaxially hairy; calyx base generally swollen; corolla bright yellow; fruit splitting 4-parted at tip ..... D. clevelandii

2' Subshrub or shrub, > 1 inflorescence per stem; leaf adaxially glabrous; calyx base not swollen; corolla pale yellow to ± yellow or yellow-brown, yellow-orange, orange, or red; fruit splitting only along upper suture

3. Leaves abaxially  to densely hairy, generally paler than adaxial surface

4. Calyx tube glabrous ..... D. aurantiacus

4' Calyx tube puberulent to hairy.

5. Corolla pale yellow to cream colored, calyces 28–40 mm, abaxial leaf surface with unbranched hairs..... D. calycinus

5' . Corolla orange to pale yellow-orange or red, calyces 22–32 mm, abaxial leaf surface with  hairs..... D. longiflorus

3' Leaves abaxially glabrous, not paler than adaxial surface

6. Corolla tube-throat 26–37 mm; corolla brightly dark yellow, orange, or red

7. Corolla yellow-orange to orange ..... D. australis

7' Corolla dark orange to red

8. Leaves lance-elliptic to  or obovate, generally flat or edges ± rolled under, ChI ..... D. parviflorus

8' Leaves , edges generally tightly rolled under, SW ..... D. puniceus

6' Corolla tube-throat 35–57 mm; corolla pale yellow or pale orange

9. Corolla  ; calyx tube flared distally ..... D. aridus

9' Corolla lobes 2-lobed

10. Corolla limb 30–45 mm wide, n SN ..... D. grandiflorus

10' Corolla limb 20–25 mm wide; CW..... D. linearis

1' Annual (perennial herb); calyx generally < 2 cm; leaf edges ± flat; main leaf axils not with clusters of smaller leaves

11. Corolla , ± , purple-brown and ± white, throat floor without longitudinal folds

12. Corolla limb ± purple-brown at base, veins << 0.5 mm wide, unpatterned, purple-brown, fading into white border ..... D. mohavensis

12' Corolla limb ± all white, veins > 0.5 mm wide, bold, intricately patterned, purple-brown ..... D. pictus

11' Corolla , generally not purple-brown and white, generally not salverform, throat floor generally with 2 longitudinal folds – flowers occasionally cleistogamous in some species

13. Fruit hard, generally  at base, tardily ; flower generally Mar–Apr

14. Stem < 1 cm; leaf generally ± linear, glabrous to puberulent, at least proximal 1/2 ± ; vernally wet depressions, seepage areas

15. Corolla tube-throat 5–10 mm ..... D. pygmaeus

15' Corolla tube-throat 12–60 mm

16. Corolla tube-throat glabrous outside; lowest corolla  magenta, base with a large, dark purple spot ..... D. angustatus

16' Corolla tube-throat puberulent outside; lowest corolla lobe golden-yellow, base with scattered, small, dark dots ..... D. pulchellus

14' Stem generally > 1 cm; leaf generally not linear, generally not ciliate, or both ciliate and hairy; vernally wet depressions or not

17. Corolla lobes with large dark spot at center of base; stigma lobes ± equal; flowers not cleistogamous

18. Corolla ± pink to white; flowers 2 per ; limestone crevices ..... D. rupicola

18' Corolla magenta to purple; flowers 1 per node; vernally wet depressions ..... D. tricolor

17' Corolla lobes not all with large dark spots; lower stigma lobe >> upper; flowers occasionally cleistogamous

19. Calyx 18–21 mm ..... D. traskiae

19' Calyx 5–17 mm

20. Leaves generally ciliate at base; corolla limb 3–11 mm wide; if flowers cleistogamous then leaves ± purple abaxially

21. Corolla limb slightly ; tube-throat yellow near stamen attachment, floor and lower lip base with 2 prominent yellow folds ..... D. brandegeei

21' Corolla limb widely spreading; tube-throat not marked laterally with yellow, throat and lower lip generally without folds and rarely yellow ..... D. congdonii

20' Leaves generally hairy, not ciliate; corolla limb 10–18 mm wide; if flowers cleistogamous then leaves green abaxially

22. Corolla lower lip ± absent; fruit 2.5–6.5 mm; asymmetric-ovoid ..... D. douglasii

22' Both corolla lips well developed; fruit 6–12 mm, nearly cylindrical ..... D. kelloggii

13' Fruit generally fragile, symmetric at base, generally rapidly dehiscent; flower generally Apr–Sep

23. All flower  with 1 flower or fruit, calyx generally inflated or swollen

24. Longitudinal folds of corolla throat floor densely hairy, white or yellow proximally, white distally; anthers ciliate

25. Corolla lobes dark at base, without red-purple midveins; throat ceiling hairy; limb face glabrous; lower stigma lobe 3–4 × upper ..... D. compactus

25' Corolla lobes with dark red-purple midveins; throat ceiling glabrous, limb face generally hairy; lower stigma lobe 1.5 × upper ..... D. viscidus

24' Longitudinal folds of corolla throat floor glabrous or minutely puberulent, all yellow; anthers glabrous

26. Corolla tube-throat 7–10 mm, limb 4–7 mm wide; lower stigma lobe 5–7 × upper ..... D. rattanii

26' Corolla tube-throat 9–23 mm, limb 8–26 mm wide; stigma lobes ± equal

27. Corolla magenta to dark red-purple ..... D. fremontii

23' Most flower nodes with 2 flowers or fruits; calyx occasionally inflated

28. Stigma  or at end of corolla tube-throat

29. Corolla lobes evenly spread; anthers glabrous

30. Corolla throat floor white; lower stigma lobe 2–3 × upper; calyx in fruit prominently ribbed and inflated, hairy, mouth slightly oblique ..... D. bolanderi

30' Corolla throat floor yellow; stigma lobes equal; calyx in fruit not ribbed or inflated, minutely puberulent, mouth strongly oblique ..... D. johnstonii

29' Upper 2 corolla lobes divergent from lower 3; anthers ciliate

31. Tip of distal leaves sharply  or sharp-tipped ..... D. cusickioides

31' Tip of distal leaves  to rounded

32. Leaves and calyces hairy, hairs >= 0.7 mm; corolla tube generally puberulent externally, corolla magenta, dark red-purple, or yellow ..... D. mephiticus

32' Leaves and calyces minutely puberulent, hairs <= 0.3 mm; corolla tube glabrous externally, corolla magenta or lavender-purple

33. Corolla tube-throat 5.5–12 mm; fruit generally 3.5–6 mm ..... D. jepsonii

33' Corolla tube-throat 11–19 mm; fruit generally 6–12 mm ..... D. nanus

28' Stigma 

34. Corolla tube-throat 6–8 mm, limb 3–5 mm wide ..... D. leptaleus

34' Corolla tube-throat 8–34 mm, limb 8–30 mm wide

35. Lower stigma lobe 1.5–2 × upper

36. Corolla yellow; tube-throat glabrous externally ..... D. brevipes

36' Corolla rose-pink to magenta; tube-throat puberulent externally

37. Lower lip generally projecting forward; calyx all pale green, ribs of veins only, not inflated, lobes  ..... D. torreyi

37' Lower lip bent downward; calyx with wide, dark ribs, occasionally inflated, lobes acute to acuminate

38. Plants ± compact in habit generally < leaves, stem and leaves with gland-tipped hairs 1.0–1.6 mm; lower corolla limb with yellow ridges ..... D. graniticola

38' Plants ± open in habit, internodes generally > leaves, stem and leaves with gland-tipped hairs 0.2–0.8 mm; lower corolla limb white with red-purple dots near throat ..... D. layneae

35' Stigma lobes equal

39. Corolla throat floor white at mouth; if corolla mostly yellow, then 3–7 longitudinal maroon-black stripes extend from throat onto lobe base; w slope of s SN, Teh, n WTR

40. Calyx not inflated, puberulent, hairs < 0.5 mm; corolla magenta or yellow; leaves all entire ..... D. bicolor

40' Calyx inflated, hairy, many hairs > 1 mm; corolla ± pink to red-purple; largest leaves round-toothed distally ..... D. constrictus

39' Corolla throat floor yellow at mouth; if corolla yellow overall, then lower lip with 6–8 ± red spots in arc around mouth; SNE, D

41. Calyx puberulent, hairs < 0.5 mm; upper calyx lobe largest, widely rounded to acute; corolla magenta or yellow ..... D. parryi

41' Calyx hairy, many hairs > 1 mm; calyx lobes ± equal, acuminate to attenuate; corolla magenta

42. Leaves 2–7 mm wide; calyx 7–9 mm; corolla tube-throat 10–14 mm, limb 6–10 mm wide ..... D. thompsonii

42' Leaves 2–15(26) mm wide; calyx 6–13(15) mm; corolla tube-throat (9)12–22 mm, limb 12–24 mm wide ..... D. bigelovii

43. Distal leaf width generally <  leaves, distal longer  than basal; proximal stem internodes generally >> others ..... var. bigelovii

43' Distal leaf width generally >= basal leaves, distal generally acute; stem internodes generally ± equal ..... var. cuspidatus


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