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Key to Lithophragma

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1. Cauline leaves 2,  ..... L. cymbalaria

1' Cauline leaves >= 1, 

2. Hypanthium long-obconic, base acutely  to ovary > 1/2-inferior

3. Basal leaves lobed ± 1/2 or less to base; most proximal cauline  3-lobed; petals white ..... L. affine

3' Basal leaves deeply lobed (> 3/4 to base) to 3-parted; most proximal cauline leaf 3-parted; petals white or pink ..... L. parviflorum

4. Hypanthium ± 2 × longer than wide; flower not fragrant; petals white or pink ..... var. parviflorum

4' Hypanthium 3–4 × longer than wide; flower fragrant; petals pink ..... var. trifoliatum

2' Hypanthium hemispheric to bell-shaped, base , rounded, or obtusely tapered to pedicel; ovary superior or < 1/2-inferior

5. Basal leaves 3-parted or deeply 3-lobed (> 1/2 to base); petals white or pink

6. Plant 40–60 cm; petals white; s ChI (San Clemente Island) ..... L. maximum

6' Plant 8–30 cm; petals pink, occasionally white; mainland

7. Petal  deep, 3–5; inflorescence often with  in axils of proximal bractsseed spiny ..... L. glabrum

7' Petal lobes shallow, generally 5–7; inflorescence without bulblets; seed smooth ..... L. tenellum

5' Basal leaves ± shallowly lobed (< 1/2 to base); petals white

8. Petals obovate, lobes 3;  bell-shaped, base truncate; inflorescence often with bulblets in axils of distal bracts ..... L. heterophyllum

8' Petals ovate-elliptic,  or lobes > 3; hypanthium hemispheric to bell-shaped, base obtusely tapered to round; inflorescence bulblets generally 0

9. Petals , entire or ± lobed, lobes ± equal (sometimes tooth-like); hypanthium hemispheric; ovary < 1/2-inferior; leaf teeth ± round ..... L. bolanderi

9' Petals ± , ± lobed, lobes ± unequal (becoming smaller and tooth-like near base); hypanthium broadly bell-shaped; ovary superior; leaf teeth ± sharp ..... L. campanulatum



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