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Key to Eriogonum

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Key to Groups

1. Annual (except Eriogonum inflatum herb, keyed in Group 2 when flowering 1st year)

2. Involucres angled to strongly ribbed and strongly  or at tips of short bracted branchlets (or peduncled) (subg. Oregonium) ..... Group 1

2' Involucres smooth, not ribbed or angled, generally peduncled, if sessile then not appressed (subg. Ganysma) ..... Group 2

1' Perennial herb to shrub

3. Flower stipe present, sometimes weakly so, not winged; inflorescence bracts 2–13+ (subg. Oligogonum) ..... Group 3

3' Flower stipe 0 or ± winged; inflorescence bracts generally 3 (mainly subg. Eucycla) ..... Group 4

Group 1: Annual; involucres angled to strongly ribbed, sessile and strongly appressed or at tips of short bracted branchlets (or peduncled) (subg. Oregonium)

1. Involucres at tips of slender branchlets, not  present or 0

2. Flowers 0.7–1.5 mm, yellow or cream; n SNE, w DMoj

3. Flowers cream to ± red, 1–1.5 mm; inflorescence 5–10(15) cm wide; n SNE ..... E. ampullaceum

3' Flowers yellow, 0.7–1 mm; inflorescence 5–20 cm wide; w DMoj ..... E. mohavense

2' Flowers 1–2.5(3) mm, yellow or white to pink, rose, or red

4. Stem glabrousinvolucres 

5. Basal  blades oblong-ovate; involucres 3–4 mm, 5-toothed; c NCoRI, n CCo, n SnFrB ..... E. luteolum var. caninum

5' Basal leaf blades generally round to ; involucres 2–4 mm, 5–8-toothed; c&s CW, WTR

6. Involucres 2–2.5 mm, 5-toothed; flowers 2–2.5(3) mm, minutely , white to rose or yellow in fruit; c&s CW, WTR ..... E. covilleanum

6' Involucres 3–4 mm, 6–8-toothed; flowers 1–2 mm, glabrous, white to rose; n SCoR ..... E. nortonii

4' Stem , if glabrous then involucres peduncled at lower 

7. Involucres glabrous; s SnFrB, n SCoRI ..... E. argillosum

7' Involucres tomentose; ScV, ne SnFrB, ne&s SCoRI

8. Leaves , blades ± round; styles 0.1–0.3 mm; s SCoRI ..... E. eastwoodianum

8' Leaves basal or basal and cauline, ± round or narrowly  to ; styles 0.2–1 mm; ne SnFrB, SCoRI

9. Involucres 2.5–3.5(4) mm; styles 0.2–0.3 mm; ScV (extirpated), ne SnFrB ..... E. truncatum

9' Involucres (1.5)1.8–2.5 mm; styles 0.2–1 mm; SCoRI

10. Flowers smooth; involucres 2–2.5 mm; leaves basal and subbasal, rarely cauline; s SCoRI ..... E. temblorense

10' Flowers ; involucres (1.5)1.8–2 mm; leaves basal and cauline; ne SCoRI ..... E. vestitum

1' Involucres not at tips of slender branchlets, generally appressed; peduncles 0

11. Flowers hairy, white to rose – c&s NCoR ..... E. dasyanthemum

11' Flowers glabrous or sparsely glandular, white, cream, yellow, rose, or red

12. Involucres 1–2 mm, if 2 mm then outer perianth  fan-shaped or ±  (except oblong to oblong-ovate in Eriogonum baileyi)

13. Stems glabrous, if tomentose then flowers glandular and plant of e SN, GB; outer perianth lobes oblong to oblong-obovate

14. Flowers yellow or pale ± yellow (or ± white), 0.6–0.8(1) mm; SNE, DMoj ..... E. brachyanthum

14' Flowers white to rose, 1–2 mm; SNF, Teh, SnFrB, SCoR, TR, GB, w DMoj

15. Flowers 1–1.5 mm, glabrous or puberulent; stem, inflorescence glabrous – SnFrB, SCoR, WTR ..... E. elegans

15' Flowers 1.5–3 mm, generally minutely glandular, occasionally glabrous in SNF; stem, inflorescence glabrous or tomentose ..... E. baileyi

16. Inflorescence glabrous; SNF, Teh, s SCoR, TR, GB, w DMoj ..... var. baileyi

16' Inflorescence tomentose; GB ..... var. praebens

13' Stems tomentose to sparsely so; outer perianth lobes narrowly to widely fan-shaped or ± hastate

17. Outer perianth lobes ± hastate in fruit; flowers 0.8–1.2 mm; involucres bell-shaped, 1–2 mm; SnBr, PR ..... E. evanidum

17' Outer perianth lobes fan-shaped; flowers 1–3.5 mm; involucres bell-shaped to obconic, 1–2.5 mm; GB, D

18. Leaves cauline; leaf blades narrowly oblanceolate to widely ; plant narrowly ; flowers white to pink or red; se DMoj ..... [E. polycladon]

18' Leaves basal; leaf blades ± round to ; plant generally ; flowers white to pink or pale yellow to yellow; GB, D

19. Flowers pale yellow or yellow to red; outer perianth lobes widely fan-shaped; inflorescence generally densely branched, branches incurved; fruit 1–1.3 mm; GB, D ..... E. nidularium

19' Flowers white to pink or pale yellow, outer perianth lobes narrowly fan-shaped; inflorescence generally sparsely branched, branches not incurved; fruit 1.5–1.8 mm; SNE, D ..... E. palmerianum

12' Involucres (1.8)2–5(7) mm; outer perianth lobes not fan-shaped or hastate (see also Eriogonum baileyi at 12.)

20. Leaf blades oblong-obovate to oblanceolate or oblong (basal occasionally ± rounded in E. cithariforme)

21. Involucres (3.5)4–5 mm; outer perianth lobes narrowly obovate to oblong; fruit 1.8–2(2.2) mm; NW, SN, ScV (e edge), SnJV, CW, TR ..... E. roseum

21' Involucres (1.8)2–3 mm; outer perianth lobes  to oblong or oblong-obovate; fruit 1–2 mm; CA-FP

22. Inflorescence branches upcurved; basal leaf blades oblanceolate or elliptic to ovate or ± rounded, (0.3)1–2 cm;  generally winged; involucres 2.5–3 mm; flowers 1.5–2 mm, white to rose; SCoR, TR ..... E. cithariforme

23. Stem, inflorescence glabrous; SCoR, WTR ..... var. agninum

23' Stem, inflorescence tomentose; SCoR, TR ..... var. cithariforme

22' Inflorescence branches straight; basal leaf blades oblanceolate to oblong, (0.8)1–4(6) cm; petiole not winged; involucres (1.8)2–3 mm; flowers 1.5–3 mm, white to pink or yellow; CA-FP ..... E. gracile

24. Inflorescence densely to sparsely tomentose; widespread ..... var. gracile

24' Inflorescence glabrous; PR ..... var. incultum

20' Leaf blades round-ovate to rounded or reniform, if not then stem and inflorescence branches glabrous and plant of SNH; stem, inflorescence branches glabrous to tomentose

25. Inflorescence sparsely tomentose, especially basally, or glabrous; leaves basal; flowers white to rose or pale yellow – ne KR, CaR, n SNH, MP ..... E. vimineum

25' Inflorescence tomentose or generally glabrous, if sparsely tomentose then leaves basal and cauline; flowers white to pink, red or yellow

26. Involucres (3.5)4–5(7) mm; plant 4–10 dm; n WTR, SnBr, PR ..... E. molestum

26' Involucres 2–4 mm; plant 1–5 dm; widespread

27. Leaves basal; involucres 3–4 mm; flowers 1.5–2 mm; stem glabrous; SW, SNE, DMoj ..... E. davidsonii

27' Leaves basal and cauline, involucres 3–3.5 mm and flowers 1.5–2 mm with sparsely tomentose stem and inflorescence, if leaves only basal and stem glabrous then involucres 2–3.5 mm and plant of n&c SN; n CA-FP ..... E. luteolum (in part)

28. Involucres 2–3 mm; flowers 2–2.5 mm; plant of granitic sand; n&c SNH ..... var. saltuarium

28' Involucres 3–3.5 mm; flowers 1–2 mm; plant of serpentine; NW, CaR, SNF, SnFrB

29. Flowers 1.8–2 mm; NW, CaR, SnFrB ..... var. luteolum

29' Flowers 1–1.5(1.8) mm; SNF ..... var. pedunculatum

Group 2: Annual (except 1st-yr flower Eriogonum inflatum); involucres smooth, not ribbed or angled, generally peduncled, if sessile then not appressed (subg. Ganysma)

1. Perennial herb, flowering 1st year or not – GB, D ..... E. inflatum (2)

1' Annual (perennial Eriogonum inflatum may key here if flowering 1st year)

2. Leaves  and cauline, not basal only or basal and sheathing

3. Involucres glandular-hairy or 

4. Perianth  alike,  to , not inflated

5. Involucre glandular-hairy, densely  adaxially, 2.7–3 mm; flower 1.5–1.7 mm; s SNF, sw SnJV ..... E. gossypinum

5' Involucre not densely tomentose, 1.8–2 mm; flower 2–2.5 mm; s SN, SnJV, SCoR, TR, DMoj ..... E. gracillimum

4' Perianth lobes not alike, outer elliptic to obovate or ± round, inflated or not, inner narrower

6. Outer perianth lobes generally elliptic to obovate, not obviously inflated, if so then only basally; stamens ; c&s SNF, Teh, SnJV, CW, TR, s PR, w DMoj ..... E. angulosum

6' Outer perianth lobes elliptic to ± round or obovate, obviously inflated basally or at tip; stamens ; SnJV, SCoR, s SN, TR, GB, w DMoj

7. Outer perianth lobes inflated base to middle; involucres glandular-hairy; s SN, TR, GB ..... E. maculatum

7' Outer perianth lobes inflated above middle; involucres glandular; SnJV, SCoR, TR, w DMoj ..... E. viridescens

3' Involucres glabrous, long-stiff or long-soft hairy, not glandular-hairy or puberulent

8. Flowers hairy, hairs hooked

9. Flowers 2, 0.8–1.1 mm; fruit tip exserted; NW, SN, n CW, TR ..... E. hirtiflorum

9' Flowers 4–6, 1.2–1.8 mm; fruit tip not exserted; s NCoR, c&s SN, Teh, CW, WTR ..... E. inerme

10. Involucres short-stiff hairy; c&s SN, Teh ..... var. hispidulum

10' Involucres glabrous; s NCoR, CW, WTR ..... var. inerme

8' Flowers glabrous, if hairy then hairs not hooked

11. Leaves sparsely tomentose or glabrous, oblong-oblanceolate to obovate; flowers densely short-hairy; plant glabrous or sparsely tomentose; s SNF, Teh, SCoRI, n WTR ..... E. ordii (2)

11' Leaves short-hairy, ; flowers glabrous or sparsely hairy; plant glabrous or glandular and short-hairy; NCoRH, CaRH, SN, n SCoRO, TR ..... E. spergulinum

12. Inflorescence  not glandular; plant  to  – s SNH ..... var. pratense

12' Inflorescence internodes glandular; plant 

13. Flower 1.5–2.5 mm; NCoRH, CaRH, SN, n SCoRO, TR ..... var. reddingianum

13' Flower 2.5–3.5 mm; SN ..... var. spergulinum

2' Leaves basal and sometimes sheathing, not both basal and cauline

14. Leaf blades glabrous, or hairy on one or both surfaces, or if sparsely tomentose then flowers densely short-soft-hairy

15. Flowers generally glabrous – c SNH, SNE ..... E. esmeraldense var. esmeraldense

15' Flowers hairy

16. Flowers densely short-soft hairy or puberulent, white to pink or red (or ± yellow)

17. Leaf blades oblong-oblanceolate to obovate, sparsely tomentose or glabrous; stem glabrous to sparsely tomentose; s SNF, Teh, SCoRI, n WTR ..... E. ordii (2)

17' Leaf blades oblanceolate to obovate, sparsely soft-shaggy hairy and glandular or coarse-hairy; stem glabrous and sparsely glandular; s SN, TR, PR, n W&I, sw DMtns

18. Flowers pink to red, aging to white, 0.5–0.9 mm;  blades coarse-hairy; involucres 0.5–0.9 mm; s SN, TR, PR, n W&I ..... E. parishii

18' Flowers white to ± red (or yellow), 1.5–2.5 mm; leaf blades soft-shaggy hairy, some glandular; involucres 1.2–1.5 mm; e SnBr, c&s PR, sw DMtns ..... E. apiculatum

16' Flowers soft-shaggy- or coarse-hairy, white to ± pink or generally yellow

19. Plant glandular throughout; flowers white to ± pink – n&ne DMtns ..... E. glandulosum

19' Plant glabrous, except sometimes glandular or hairy near base or at ; flowers yellow to green-yellow or ± red

20. Stem glandular near base

21. Inflorescence glandular at lower nodes;  teeth (4)5; plant (0.3)0.5–3 dm; leaf blades generally ± round, (0.3)0.5–1(1.4) cm; fruit 1.5–1.8(2) mm; ne DMoj ..... E. contiguum

21' Inflorescence glabrous; involucre teeth 4; plant (2)4–18(22) dm; leaf blades round to , (0.5)1–2.5(4) cm, (0.5)1–2(3) cm wide; fruit 2–2.5 mm; CW, SW, s SNE, D ..... E. clavatum (2)

20' Stem glabrous or basally coarse- or long-soft-hairy

22. Stem, inflorescence ± gray;  herb but appearing annual when flowering 1st year – GB, D ..... E. inflatum (2)

22' Stem, inflorescence branches ± green or yellow-green; annual

23. Involucres 1–1.5(1.8) mm; plant (2)4–18(22) dm; inflorescence 30–150(170) cm; fruit 2–2.5 mm; CW, SW, s SNE, D ..... E. clavatum (2)

23' Involucres 0.7–1 mm; plant 1–4.5(6) dm; inflorescence 5–30 cm; fruit 1–1.5 mm; D ..... E. trichopes

14' Leaf blades tomentose to sparsely so on one or both surfaces; flowers glabrous, glandular, or variously hairy, but not short-soft-hairy

24. Outer perianth lobes generally oblong, obovate or round,  basally

25. Involucres  and erect or on erect  <= 0.5 cm – DMoj

26. Stem 0.5–3 cm; plant 1–4 dm; inflorescence branches  ..... E. bifurcatum

26' Stem (5)10–20 cm; plant (0.5)3–6(10) dm; inflorescence branches ± erect ..... E. exaltatum

25' Involucres sessile and  or on reflexed peduncles <= 1.5 cm

27. Stem, inflorescence glandular; SNE, DMoj ..... E. brachypodum

27' Stem, inflorescence glabrous; s SNH, Teh, s SnJV, TR, GB, D

28. Involucres widely bell-shaped; peduncles 0; flowers yellow to red-yellow; SNE ..... E. hookeri

28' Involucres narrowly obconic or narrowly bell-shaped; peduncles <= 1.5 cm; flowers white to pink; s SNH, Teh, s SnJV, TR, D

29. Involucres 1–1.5 mm; inflorescence of many horizontal tiers; ne DMoj ..... E. rixfordii

29' Involucres 1.5–2.5 mm; inflorescence not of many horizontal tiers; s SNH, Teh, s SnJV, TR, D ..... E. deflexum (in part)

30. Involucres (2)2.5–3 mm; peduncles (0.3)0.5–1.5 cm; stem inflated; s SNH, Teh, s SnJV, TR, n&w DMoj ..... var. baratum

30' Involucres 1.5–2.5 mm; peduncles 0 or generally <= 0.5 cm; stem not inflated; D ..... var. deflexum

24' Outer perianth lobes oblong to oblanceolate or  to  basally

31. Flowers  basally – peduncles curving, ascending, 1–5 cm; MP ..... E. collinum

31' Flowers smooth, not papillate

32. Perianth lobes alike

33. Stems, inflorescence glandular; peduncles 0 or reflexed; flowers 2–2.5 mm ..... E. eremicola

33' Stems, inflorescence glabrous; peduncles erect; flowers 1.5–1.8 mm ..... E. hoffmannii

34. Leaf margins flat, blades 2–4 cm wide;  1–5 cm; plant 0.5–5 dm ..... var. hoffmannii

34' Leaf margins wavy, blades 3–8 cm wide; petioles (3)5–10 cm; plant 4–10 dm ..... var. robustius

32' Perianth lobes not alike, if alike then glandular-hairy

35. Flowers glandular

36. Flowers white to red, glandular-hairy with a tuft of long white hairs adaxially; SCo, TR, e PR, s DMoj, DSon; outer perianth lobes generally fan-shaped ..... E. thurberi

36' Flowers yellow, if in age ± white then outer perianth lobes sac-like basally, glandular or short-stiff hairy, without a tuft of long white hairs adaxially; s SNF, s SNH, Teh, SCoRI, TR, PR (e edge), GB, D

37. Outer perianth lobes cordate, in age sac-like basally, initially yellow then white to rose; involucres 0.6–1.2 mm, glabrous; D ..... E. thomasii

37' Outer perianth lobes oblong-elliptic to obovate or ovate, not sac-like basally, yellow; involucres 1–2 mm, glabrous or glandular-hairy; s SNF, s SNH, Teh, SCoRI, TR, PR (e edge), GB, D

38. Involucres glandular-hairy; s SNF, s SNH, Teh, SCoRI, TR, PR (e edge), GB, D ..... E. pusillum

38' Involucres glabrous; D ..... E. reniforme

35' Flowers glabrous

39. Peduncles 0 or reflexed; outer perianth lobes oblong; SNE ..... E. deflexum var. nevadense

39' Peduncles generally curving downward; outer perianth lobes ± fiddle-shaped or oblong to oval; n&c SNH, GB

40. Outer perianth lobes ± fiddle-shaped; peduncles glabrous (or 0); c SNH, GB, probably introduced in n SNH (Nevada Co.) ..... E. cernuum

40' Outer perianth lobes oblong to oval; peduncles glandular (glabrous); n SNH, n SNE ..... E. nutans

41. Peduncles glandular; n SNE ..... var. nutans

41' Peduncles glabrous; n SNH (introduced but now extirpated) ..... [var. glabratum]]

Group 3: Perennial herb to shrub; flower stipe present, sometimes weakly so, not winged; inflorescence bracts 2–13+ (subg. Oligogonum)

1. Involucre teeth not lobe-like, << tube or ± so

2. Flowers hairy

3. Leaf blades  to densely so abaxially, generally glabrous adaxially; nw KR ..... E. pyrolifolium var. coryphaeum

3' Leaf blades glabrous or short hairy on both surfaces; n KR, CaRH, c&s SNH, W&I, DMtns

4. Leaf blades glabrous; flowers white to rose; stem generally ; CaRH ..... E. pyrolifolium var. pyrolifolium

4' Leaf blades short hairy; flowers cream to yellow; stem erect; n KR, W&I, DMtns

5. Flowers bright yellow, 3–3.5(4) mm; n KR ..... E. hirtellum

5' Flowers cream to pale yellow, 3–6 mm; c&s SNH, W&I, n DMtns ..... E. latens

2' Flowers glabrous

6. Inflorescence not immediately subtended by a whorl of bracts; stem with whorl of bracts near middle

7. Flowers ± white to pink or rose-red;  blades silky-tomentose abaxially, 0.1–0.3(0.4) cm wide; c NCoRO ..... E. kelloggii

7' Flowers yellow; leaf blades tomentose abaxially, 0.2–2(3) cm wide; not c NCoRO

8. Stems (0.3)0.4–0.6 dm; leaf blades 1–2(3) cm wide – e KR ..... E. alpinum

8' Stems 0.5–3 dm; leaf blades 0.2–0.7(0.8) cm wide

9. Involucre teeth 5–8, 0.5–1.5 mm; s KR, n NCoRH, n NCoRI ..... E. libertini

9' Involucre teeth 8–10, 1–3 mm; SN (see also 29') ..... E. prattenianum (2)

6' Inflorescence immediately subtended by whorl of bracts; stem without a whorl of bracts near middle

10. Flowers chalky-white, white to rose or ± pale yellow; flower stipe 0.1–0.4 mm

11. Flowers white to rose, 5–7 mm; involucres 5–10(12) mm; NW, CaR, SN, GB ..... E. lobbii (2)

11' Flowers chalky-white, 2.5–3.5 mm; involucres (2)2.5–3.5(4) mm; s SNH ..... E. polypodum

10' Flowers yellow or ± brown to sulphur yellow or cream, occasionally with blush of pink-red to maroon (or white); flower stipe (0.1)0.3–1.5 mm

12. Plant unisexualpistillate and staminate plants morphologically different

13. Leaf blades ± glabrous, bright green to olive-green adaxially; e KR, CaRH, n&c SNH ..... E. marifolium

14. Involucres 4–5 mm, 5–7 mm wide; leaf-blades narrow; CaRH ..... var. cupulatum

14' Involucres 2–3 mm, 1.5–2 mm wide; leaf-blades wide to round; e KR, CaRH, n&c SNH ..... var. marifolium

13' Leaf blades tomentose to densely so, generally not green adaxially; KR, SNH

15. Pistillate inflorescence generally persistently head-like (or umbel-like after fertilization); leaf blades (0.5)1–2 cm, 0.5–1.5 cm wide, densely tomentose;  0.7–3 cm; KR ..... E. diclinum

15' Pistillate inflorescence initially head-like, umbel-like after fertilization; leaf blades 0.5–1.5 cm, 0.3–0.7 cm wide, generally tomentose; petioles (0.3)0.5–1 cm; SNH ..... E. incanum

12' Plant  (but generally with some aborted male or female parts), otherwise not morphologically different

16. Flowers sulphur yellow; involucres long-soft-wavy-hairy; inflorescence often compound umbel-like

17. Leaf blades narrow-elliptic to -oblong, 0.3–0.6(0.8) cm wide; subshrub; KR ..... E. congdonii

17' Leaf blades  to obovate, (0.4)0.8–1.3 cm wide;  herb mat; n KR, s NCoRO, n NCoRH ..... E. ternatum

16' Flowers white, cream, pale yellow (yellow); involucres tomentose; inflorescence umbel-like

18. Stems 0.2–0.6(1) dm; inflorescence ± head-like; flowers yellow to red or maroon, or white to pink-rose or deep red; s NCoRH, c&s NCoRI

19. Involucres 4–6.5 mm; stipe 0.1–0.3 mm; flowers yellow to red or maroon; s NCoRO ..... E. cedrorum

19' Involucres 3–4 mm; stipe 0.5–0.8 mm; flowers white to pink-rose or deep red; s NCoRH, c&s NCoRI ..... E. nervulosum

18' Stems 0.4–4 dm; inflorescence compound-umbel- or umbel-like; flowers cream or ± yellow, blushed or not with pink-red to maroon; KR, s CaR, n SN ..... E. ursinum

20. Flowers 5–9 mm, cream (or yellow); fruit (5)5.5–8 mm; KR ..... var. erubescens

20' Flowers 4–6 mm, pale yellow (or yellow); fruit 3–3.5 mm; KR, s CaR, n SN ..... var. ursinum

1' Involucre teeth lobe-like, at least 1/2 tube, generally  or 

21. Flowers hairy

22. Stem bractless – GB ..... E. caespitosum

22' Stem with whorl of subtending bracts at base of , middle of stem, or middle of branches

23. Inflorescence , involucres 1

24. Leaf blades densely tomentose on both surfaces; e KR, e CaRH, n SNH, MP ..... E. douglasii var. meridionale

24' Leaf blades sparsely tomentose to ± glabrous adaxially; CaRH, n&s SNH, MP

25. Leaf blades generally narrowly oblanceolate; CaRH, n SNH, MP ..... E. sphaerocephalum var. halimioides (2)

25' Leaf blades oblanceolate to ; s SNH ..... E. twisselmannii

23' Inflorescence not scapose, involucres >= 1

26. Flowers 4–5 mm, yellow; leaf blades densely tomentose; plant 2.5–5 dm; NCoRI, n&c SNF ..... E. tripodum

26' Flowers (5)6–9 mm, cream or pale to bright yellow; leaf blades densely tomentose to glabrous; plant 0.5–4 dm; CaRH, n SNH, MP ..... E. sphaerocephalum

27. Flowers pale yellow to cream; CaRH, n SNH, MP ..... var. halimioides (2)

27' Flowers bright yellow; n SNH, MP ..... var. sphaerocephalum

21' Flowers glabrous

28. Inflorescence head-like, involucres not immediately subtended by leafy bracts; stem with a whorl of leafy bracts near middle; flowers yellow

29. Leaf blades (0.3)0.5–0.8 cm, sparsely tomentose to ± glabrous, bright green or olive-green adaxially; generally matted perennial herb; e KR ..... E. siskiyouense

29' Leaf blades 0.5–1.5(2) cm, densely tomentose or ± glabrous adaxially, generally pale green adaxially; plant erect or rounded perennial herb or subshrub, occasionally mat; n&c SN, s SNH ..... E. prattenianum (2)

30. Leaf blades tomentose abaxially, subglabrous adaxially; c&s SNH ..... var. avium

30' Leaf blades tomentose on both surfaces; n&c SN ..... var. prattenianum

28' Inflorescence umbel-like or compound-umbel-like, involucres immediately subtended by leafy bracts; stem with or without an additional whorl of bracts near middle; flowers white, yellow, or rose

31. Stem with whorl of leaf-like bracts near middle – leaf blades generally linear-oblanceolate to oblanceolate; Wrn ..... E. heracleoides var. heracleoides

31' Stems without a whorl of leaf-like bracts near middle

32. Flower stipe 0.1–0.4 mm – stem  to  or weakly erect; inflorescence ± head- to umbel-like – NW, CaR, SN, GB ..... E. lobbii (2)

32' Flower stipe 0.7–2 mm

33. Leaf blades (2)7–25 cm; stem generally ± inflated; NW, CaR ..... E. compositum var. compositum

33' Leaf blades 0.3–3(4) cm; stem not inflated; most of California ..... E. umbellatum

34. Main inflorescence branches of 1 order, none with a whorl of bracts near middle

35. Flowers generally ± white or cream to red, occasionally ± yellow

36. Leaf blades densely tomentose on both surfaces – flowers generally lemon yellow to yellow-red; SnGb, SnBr ..... var. minus

36' Leaf blades tomentose to glabrous adaxially

37. Flowers pale yellow to cream or ± white (or green-white); leaf blades ± green adaxially; Wrn, W&I ..... var. dichrocephalum

37' Flowers yellow, in age red-brown to rose or pink, with large ± red spot on each ; leaf blades generally ± red adaxially; W&I (Inyo Mtns), DMtns ..... var. versicolor (2)

35' Flowers bright yellow

38. Flower clusters with branches generally > 2.5 cm

39. Leaf blades sparsely tomentose abaxially; subshrub – SN, GB, nw DMoj ..... var. nevadense (2)

39' Leaf blades densely white-tomentose or tomentose abaxially; subshrub or spreading to prostrate mat

40. Shrub 3–5 dm, on non-serpentine; KR, NCoRH, NCoRI, CaR, n SN, MP ..... var. dumosum

40' Perennial mat (0.7)1–4.5(5) dm, on serpentine; KR, n NCoRH, n CaRH

41. Stems 1–2.5(4) dm; leaf blades 0.5–2(3.5) cm; flowers 6–8(9) mm ..... var. goodmanii

41' Stems 0.5–1.5 dm; leaf blades 0.5–1(1.5) cm; flowers 3–6 mm ..... var. humistratum

38' Flower clusters with branches <= 2.5 cm

42. Plant prostrate, subalpine and alpine – c&s SNH, n W&I ..... var. covillei

42' Plant erect to ± spreading, generally not subalpine or alpine

43. Leaf blades sparsely tomentose abaxially; SN, GB, nw DMoj ..... var. nevadense (2)

43' Leaf blades tomentose to densely so abaxially; KR, CaR, SN, MP, DMtns

44. Inflorescence branches (2.5)3–10(15) cm; KR, CaR, n SN, MP ..... var. modocense

44' Inflorescence branches 1–2.5(4) cm; KR, s SNH, DMtns

45. Involucre tubes 3–4 mm; plant on serpentine; KR ..... var. nelsoniorum

45' Involucre tubes 2–3 mm; plant not on serpentine; s SNH, n DMtns ..... var. canifolium

34' Main inflorescence branches of >= 2 orders, or at least some with a whorl of bracts near middle

46. Inflorescence with a whorl of bracts at middle (see also Eriogonum umbellatum var. polyanthum)

47. Flowers cream or ± white, 4–7 mm; Wrn ..... var. glaberrimum

47' Flowers yellow, 7–10 mm; n SNH ..... var. torreyanum

46' Inflorescence without a whorl of bracts at middle, bracts only at base of inflorescence or involucres

48. Flowers 7–10(12) mm; shrub; inflorescence 2–4-branched; KR ..... var. speciosum

48' Flowers 3–8 mm; perennial herb mat or subshrub, if shrub then inflorescence 3-branched; not of KR

49. Flowers cream, ± white, pale yellow, or green-yellow, or yellow, in age red-brown to rose or pink

50. Flowers cream, ± white, pale yellow, or green-yellow, without large ± red spot on each lobe; subshrub or shrub; e DMtns ..... var. juniporinum

50' Flowers yellow, in age red-brown to rose or pink, with large ± red spot on each lobe; spreading to ± prostrate mat; W&I (Inyo Mtns), DMtns ..... var. versicolor (2)

49' Flowers yellow, in age not red-brown to rose or pink

51. Leaf blades glabrous to densely tomentose (see also Eriogonum umbellatum var. munzii of TR, SnJt)

52. Leaf blades densely tomentose – NCoRI, CW ..... var. bahiiforme

52' Leaf blades densely tomentose to glabrous

53. Leaf blades tomentose to densely so abaxially, tomentose to sparsely so adaxially; NW

54. Leaf blades (0.5)0.8–1.8(2) cm wide;   (3)4–6 mm; KR ..... var. lautum (2)

54' Leaf blades 0.3–0.7 cm wide; involucre lobes 1–3 mm; NCoR ..... var. smallianum (2)

53' Leaf blades generally sparsely tomentose to glabrous; not NW

55. Leaf blades glabrous; s SNH, SNE, nw DMoj ..... var. chlorothamnus

55' Leaf blades sparsely tomentose to glabrous adaxially; se SN, TR, SNE, DMtns ..... var. subaridum

51' Leaf blades sparsely to densely tomentose, or densely tomentose abaxially, less so to glabrous adaxially (rarely both surfaces tomentose in Eriogonum umbellatum var. munzii of TR, SnJt)

56. Shrub, densely branched – KR, NCoRH, n SNF, n SNH/CaRH, MP

57. Leaf blades rusty-woolly to tomentose abaxially; inflorescence 3–4-branched, branches tomentose to woolly, central branch without a whorl of bracts near middle ..... var. ahartii

57' Leaf blades white-tomentose abaxially; inflorescence 1–2(3)-branched, branches sparsely tomentose to glabrous, central branch occasionally with a whorl of bracts near middle ..... var. polyanthum

56' Perennial mat or more openly and sparsely branched subshrub or shrub

58. Stems generally sparsely tomentose or glabrous

59. Leaf margins finely wavy; stems often with leaf-like  near middle; KR, c NCoRH ..... var. argus

59' Leaf margins flat; stems without leaf-like bract near middle; SNH ..... var. furcosum

58' Stems generally tomentose or sparsely tomentose (or ± glabrous in age)

60. Involucre lobes (3)4–6 mm; leaf blades generally widely elliptic – KR ..... var. lautum (2)

60' Involucre lobes 1–3 mm; leaf blades elliptic

61. Leaf blades 0.5–1 cm wide; TR, SnJt ..... var. munzii

61' Leaf blades 0.3–0.7 cm wide; NCoR ..... var. smallianum (2)

Group 4: Perennial herb to shrub; flower stipe 0 or ± winged; inflorescence bracts generally 3 (mainly subg. Eucycla)

1. Stem basally jointed, breaking into short-cylindric sections; flowers 150–200 – n DMtns (subg. Clastomyelon) ..... E. intrafractum

1' Stem not jointed, not breaking into sections; flowers 7–100

2. Flowers with dense coarse, curved, ± white hairsleaves generally coarse-hairy on both surfaces; GB, D (subg. Ganysma) ..... E. inflatum

2' Flowers glabrous or not as above; leaves  to sparsely so at least abaxially, not coarse-hairy

3. Flower stipe ± winged

4. Flowers bright yellow; inflorescence cyme- or umbel-like, 0.5–3 cm; fruit 2.5–3 mm; s WTR ..... E. crocatum

4' Flowers white to rose or ± yellow; inflorescence cyme-like, 10–25 cm; fruit 3.5–4 mm; s SN, CW, SW, SNE, DMtns ..... E. saxatile

3' Flower stipe 0

5. Plant forming  or cushion-like mat; inflorescence head-like, if not then plant 0.1–1 dm

6. Inflorescence branched

7. Flowers glandular-hairy, ± white to ± red; stem generally glandular-hairy; s SNH ..... E. breedlovei

8. Stem ; inflorescence umbel-like (head-like) ..... var. breedlovei

8' Stem suberect to ; inflorescence cyme-like ..... var. shevockii

7' Flowers glabrous, white to pink or rose or ± yellow with ± red spot; stem not glandular; s SNH, n DMtns

9. Flowers 3.5–5 mm,  not alike, outer round; involucres 1.5–2 mm; n DMtns ..... E. gilmanii

9' Flowers (1.5)2–2.5 mm, lobes alike; involucres 0.8–1.7(2) mm; s SNH ..... E. wrightii var. olanchense (2)

6' Inflorescence head-like

10. Perianth lobes not alike, outer generally 2 × as wide as inner; stems sparsely to densely tomentose or ± glabrous – KR, CaR, SNH, SnBr, GB ..... E. ovalifolium

11. Leaf blades generally 1–6 cm (or shorter); stem (1)5–30(40) cm; involucres (3.5)4–6.5(8) mm

12. Stem generally 1–5(7.5) cm; –  blades densely tomentose; n SNH (Job's Peak, Alpine Co.) ..... var. eximium (2)

12' Stem generally (4)7–30(40) cm (or shorter)

13. Flowers 5–7 mm; involucres 5–7 mm; rare, ne SnBr ..... var. vineum (2)

13' Flowers 4–5 mm; involucres 4–6.5 mm; common, not SnBr

14. Flowers yellow; SNH, GB ..... var. ovalifolium

14' Flowers white to rose or purple; KR, CaRH, SNH, GB ..... var. purpureum

11' Leaf blades 0.2–1.2 (2) cm; stem generally 0.3–5(9) cm (or longer); involucres generally 2–4.5(8) mm

15. Flowers yellow – c SNH ..... var. caelestinum

15' Flowers white, rose, purple or red

16. Leaf blades densely tomentose, margins ± brown – n SNH (Job's Peak, Alpine Co.) ..... var. eximium (2)

16' Leaf blades tomentose to densely so, margins not ± brown

17. Involucres 3–4.5 mm

18. Leaf blades tomentose, to sparsely so adaxially; rare, MP ..... var. depressum

18' Leaf blades tomentose to densely so on both surfaces; common, CaRH, SNH, W&I ..... var. nivale

17' Involucres 5–8 mm – s SNH or ne SnBr

19. Leaf blades tomentose to sparsely so; s SNH ..... var. monarchense

19' Leaf blades densely tomentose; ne SnBr ..... var. vineum (2)

10' Perianth lobes alike, if not then stems glandular-hairy

20. Flowers yellow or red-yellow

21. Involucres glandular and sparsely hairy; stem glandular-hairy; n&c SNH, n SNE ..... E. rosense var. rosense

21' Involucres glabrous or sparsely tomentose, occasionally glandular; stem glabrous or glandular; MP

22. Leaf blades obovate or not, 1–2 cm, (0.3)0.5–1(1.5) cm wide; stem 0.5–1.5(2) dm, glandular below inflorescence; involucres sparsely tomentose, occasionally sparsely glandular ..... E. ochrocephalum var. ochrocephalum

22' Leaf blades not obovate, 0.3–1(1.4) cm, 0.15–0.4(0.6) cm wide; stem 0.2–0.6(0.8) dm, glabrous; involucres glabrous or sparsely tomentose ..... E. prociduum

20' Flowers white to rose or pink

23. Involucres sparsely glandular to glandular-hairy or hairy, pliable; c&s SNH, n W&I ..... E. gracilipes

23' Involucres glabrous or tomentose, rigid; c&s SN, Teh, TR, SNE, n DMtns

24. Fruit tomentose; SNE, n DMtns (Last Chance Range) ..... E. shockleyi var. shockleyi

24' Fruit glabrous; c&s SN, Teh, TR, SNE, nw DMtns

25. Pedicels hairy; leaves (1)2–5 cm, 0.8–2 cm wide; plant 3–10(11) dm diam; Teh ..... E. callistum (2)

25' Pedicels glabrous; leaves 0.2–1(1.2) cm, 0.05–0.4 cm wide; plant 1–4 dm diam; c&s SN, TR, SNE, nw DMtns ..... E. kennedyi

26. Leaf hairs white; plant forming dense mat; c&s SN, SNE, nw DMtns ..... var. purpusii

26' Leaf hairs gray- or red- to brown-white; plant generally forming loose, open mat; se SNF, TR

27. Leaf blades , 0.3–0.5 cm, 0.1–0.4 cm wide; se SNF ..... var. pinicola

27' Leaf blades oblanceolate to , 0.2–1.2 cm, 0.05–0.2 cm wide; TR

28. Stem 0.5–2(3) cm; SnGb, SnBr ..... var. alpigenum

28' Stem 4–15 cm; n WTR, SnBr

29. Stem sparsely tomentose; involucres 2.5–4 mm ..... var. austromontanum

29' Stem glabrous; involucres 1.5–2.5 mm ..... var. kennedyi

5' Shrub to subshrub or  to erect herb; inflorescence branched, if head-like then plant 1–5 dm

30. Involucres clustered 2–10+ per 

31. Perianth lobes not alike ..... E. strictum

32. Flowers yellow – CaR, ne SN, MP ..... var. anserinum

32' Flowers white to rose or purple

33. Leaf hairs white, densely tomentose to tomentose; KR ..... var. greenei

33' Leaf hairs ± gray or ± green, tomentose to sparsely so; KR, n NCoRO, NCoRH, CaR, ne SNH, w MP ..... var. proliferum

31' Perianth lobes alike

34. Herb

35. Leaf blades  to narrowly , 4–15(25) cm, long-soft-hairy ..... E. elatum

36. Stem, inflorescence glabrous; n California ..... var. elatum

36' Stem, inflorescence long-soft-hairy; KR, CaR, n SN, MP ..... var. villosum

35' Leaf blades oblanceolate to ovate or elliptic, generally 2–6 cm, tomentose abaxially, tomentose to glabrous adaxially

37. Involucres 3–6 mm wide; stem, inflorescence glabrous (to sparsely tomentose); inflorescence ± head- to cyme-like; leaf blades densely tomentose abaxially, tomentose to ± glabrous adaxially; ChI ..... E. grande

38. Flowers pink to red or rose; plant 2–5 dm; involucres 5–7 mm; Santa Rosa, San Miguel, Santa Cruz islands, occasionally CW ..... var. rubescens

38' Flowers white; plant 1–15 dm; involucres 4–6 mm; various islands except Santa Rosa Island

39. Plant 5–15 dm; involucres 5–6 mm; San Miguel, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Santa Catalina, San Clemente islands, occasionally CW ..... var. grande

39' Plant 1–2(2.5) dm; involucres 4–5 mm; San Nicolas Island ..... var. timorum

37' Involucres (1.5)2–4 mm wide; stem, inflorescence glabrous to tomentose; inflorescence head- to umbel- or cyme-like; leaf blades tomentose to densely so on both surfaces, or tomentose to glabrous adaxially; mainland

40. Pedicels hairy; flowers densely hairy – Teh ..... E. callistum (2)

40' Pedicels glabrous; flowers glabrous or hairy

41. Involucres, stems tomentose to (glabrous); leaf blades densely white- to yellow-brown-tomentose on both surfaces, or tomentose to glabrous adaxially; subshrub or mat – NCo, n&c CCo ..... E. latifolium

41' Involucres, stems glabrous, if tomentose then plant not in NCo, n&c CCo; leaf blades tomentose to densely so on both surfaces or tomentose to glabrous adaxially; plant generally erect ..... E. nudum (2)

42. Involucres, inflorescence branches tomentose to sparsely so; leaves generally 

43. Flowers white to rose or yellow; stem tomentose to hairy; leaf blades 2–4 cm; NW, CaR, n SN ..... var. oblongifolium

43' Flowers white; stem densely tomentose (to tomentose); leaf blades 2–3.5 cm; s SNF ..... var. regirivum (2)

42' Involucres, inflorescence branches glabrous, if not then leaves sheathing

44. Leaves sheathing, margins generally strongly wavy

45. Stems tomentose

46. Flowers hairy, 1.5–2 mm; involucres 3–4 mm; s SNF ..... var. regirivum (2)

46' Flowers glabrous, 2–4 mm; involucres 3–6 mm; SnFrB

47. Leaf blades (1)3–8 cm, (1)2–4 cm wide, sheathing 1–5(10) cm; c SnFrB ..... var. auriculatum (2)

47' Leaf blades 1–3 cm, 1–1.5 cm wide, sheathing 5–20 cm; s SnFrB ..... var. decurrens

45' Stems glabrous

48. Leaf blades densely tomentose abaxially, tomentose adaxially; involucres 5–10; s SNF ..... var. murinum

48' Leaf blades tomentose abaxially, less so to glabrous adaxially; involucres 1–5; NW, deltaic GV (Contra Costa Co.), CW

49. Involucres solitary; stem inflated; flowers white to yellow, glabrous; w edge SnJV, e SCoRI ..... var. indictum

49' Involucres 1–5 on same pl; stem not or ± inflated; flowers white to pink (or ± yellow), glabrous or hairy; NW, deltaic GV (Contra Costa Co.), CW

50. Involucres (2)3–5 per cluster; stem not or ± inflated; flowers white to pink (or ± yellow), glabrous; NW, CW ..... var. auriculatum (2)

50' Involucres 1–3; stem not inflated; flowers white to pink, hairy; deltaic GV (Contra Costa Co.) ..... var. psychicola

44' Leaves basal, margins not or ± wavy

51. Involucres 1(2)

52. Stem inflated; flowers yellow (or white) – s SN, Teh, s CW, TR, s SNE, w DMoj ..... var. westonii (2)

52' Stem not inflated, if so then plant of PR; flowers white (or yellow)

53. Flowers hairy (or glabrous); TR, PR ..... var. pauciflorum (2)

53' Flowers glabrous; NW, CaR, SN, SnFrB, GB

54. Leaf blades 1–2 cm; SNH, GB ..... var. deductum

54' Leaf blades 1–5 cm; NW, CaR, SN, SnFrB ..... var. nudum (2)

51' Involucres 2–10

55. Flowers hairy, generally yellow

56. Stem not inflated; leaf blades glabrous or woolly-tufted adaxially, margins flat; NW, CaR, SN, ScV, SnFrB ..... var. pubiflorum

56' Stem ± to distinctly inflated; leaf blades tomentose to sparsely so adaxially, margins wavy; s SNE, w DMoj ..... var. westonii (2)

55' Flowers generally glabrous, white (or yellow)

57. Inflorescence generally head-like or ± so; alpine, c&s SNH ..... var. scapigerum

57' Inflorescence cyme-like, if head-like or ± so then not alpine

58. Involucres 5–7 mm, 1(2); TR, PR ..... var. pauciflorum (2)

58' Involucres 3–5 mm, 2–10; NW, CaR, SN, SnFrB

59. Inflorescence cyme-like, branched 2+ times; involucres 2–5; NW, CaR, SN, SnFrB ..... var. nudum (2)

59' Inflorescence head- or cyme-like, branched 1–2 times; involucres 5–10; n NCo ..... var. paralinum

34' Shrub

60. Leaf blades narrowly  to oblanceolate, <= 2 cm, generally strongly clustered; widespread ..... E. fasciculatum

61. Leaves thinly white-tomentose abaxially, glabrous adaxially; flowers, involucres generally glabrous; plant generally ; CCo, SCoR, SCo, ChI (Santa Catalina Island), WTR, SnBr, PR, DMoj (se edge) ..... var. fasciculatum

61' Leaves, flowers, involucres hairy, if ± glabrous then plant of deserts; plant erect to rounded; CA-FP, SNE, D

62. Leaves light yellow-green, glabrous or ± so adaxially; involucres, flowers glabrous or occasionally hairy; D ..... var. flavoviride

62' Leaves dark green or ± gray, generally hairy adaxially; involucres, flowers hairy; CA-FP, SNE, D

63. Inflorescence open, mostly cyme-like; leaves densely white-tomentose abaxially, less so to green, sparsely tomentose adaxially, margins generally tightly rolled under; CW, SW, occasionally NW, D ..... var. foliolosum

63' Inflorescence head- to umbel-like (or cyme-like); leaves gray-hairy on both surfaces or densely gray-tomentose abaxially, gray-hairy adaxially, margins not or occasionally rolled under; SnJV, CCo, SCoRO, s SN, SCoRI, e SCo, TR, e PR, SnJt, SNE, D ..... var. polifolium

60' Leaf blades linear-oblong to round, if linear then > 2 cm and not clustered; CW, SW

64. Flowers glabrous; CCo, SCo ..... E. parvifolium

64' Flowers long-soft-hairy; CCo, SCo, ChI, occasionally established elsewhere

65. Leaf blades linear to narrowly oblong, 2–4(5) cm, white-tomentose abaxially, gray-hairy to ± glabrous adaxially, margins rolled under; n ChI, occasionally established elsewhere ..... E. arborescens

65' Leaf blades ovate or lanceolate to oblong- or narrow-ovate, 1.5–10 cm, white- or gray-tomentose generally on both surfaces, margins flat; CW, SW

66. Leaf blades ovate, 1.5–3 cm, 1–2.5(3) cm wide; inflorescence generally head-like; s CCo, w SCo, n ChI (Santa Rosa Island), occasionally established CW, SW ..... E. cinereum

66' Leaf blades oblong-ovate to ovate or lanceolate to narrowly oblong, 2–7(10) cm, 1–5 cm wide; inflorescence generally open, cyme-like; s ChI, occasionally established CW, SW ..... E. giganteum

67. Leaf blades lance-oblong to lanceolate; San Clemente Island ..... var. formosum

67' Leaf blades oblong-ovate to ovate; Santa Catalina, Santa Barbara islands

68. Leaf blades 2.5–3.5(6) cm, 1.5–2(4) cm wide; inflorescence rarely open; Santa Barbara Island ..... var. compactum

68' Leaf blades 3–7(10) cm, 2–5 cm wide; inflorescence open; Santa Catalina Island, occasionally CW, SW ..... var. giganteum

30' Involucres 1 per node

69. Involucres in raceme-like arrangements at tips of inflorescence branches

70. Involucres (4)6–7 mm;  herb, 6–12(18) dm – c&s CW, SW ..... E. elongatum var. elongatum

70' Involucres (0.8)1–6 mm; herb to shrub, (1)1.5–5 dm

71. Shrub – s MP, SNE ..... E. nummulare

71' Subshrub or herb

72. Plant basally ± woody, much-branched; leaf blades oblanceolate to elliptic, 0.1–1 cm wide, margins often rolled under

73. Involucres (4)5–6 mm; flowers (3)4–5 mm, cream to rose; n SCoRO ..... E. butterworthianum

73' Involucres 0.7–4 mm; flowers 1.5–4 mm, white to pink or rose; widespread ..... E. wrightii

74. Herb, loosely to compactly matted

75. Plant 0.1–0.3(0.6) dm; leaf blades 0.1–0.25 cm; involucres 0.8–1.7(2) mm; s SNH ..... var. olanchense (2)

75' Plant 0.5–2.5(3) dm; leaf blades 0.5–1(1.2) cm; involucres 1.5–4 mm; SN, CW, TR, e PR ..... var. subscaposum

74' Shrub or subshrub

76. Stems, inflorescence ± gray, tomentose to densely so – e PR, s DMoj, w DSon ..... var. nodosum

76' Stems, inflorescence ± white, ± red, or ± green, tomentose to woolly-tufted

77. Petiole bases forming distinct ring around stem; leaf blades 0.2–0.6(1) cm, 0.1–0.3(0.4) cm wide; SW ..... var. membranaceum

77' Petiole bases not forming ring around stem; leaf blades 0.5–3 cm, 0.2–1 cm wide; NW, n SNF, DMoj

78. Leaf blades 1.5–3 cm, 0.5–1 cm wide; involucres 2–4 mm; flowers 2.5–4 mm; NW, n SNF ..... var. trachygonum

78' Leaf blades 0.5–1.5 cm, 0.2–0.5(0.7) cm wide; involucres 2–2.5 mm; flowers 2.5–3.5 mm; DMoj ..... var. wrightii

72' Plant basally not woody, little-branched; leaf blades round to widely ovate, (0.3)1–3.5(4) cm wide, margins flat – W&I, DMtns

79. Leaf blades ± round, (0.3)0.5–1.5 cm,  1–2 cm; involucres bell-shaped ..... E. mensicola

79' Leaf blades ovate to elliptic, oblong, or obovate, 1.5–4.5(5) cm, petioles 1–7 cm; involucres generally narrower than bell-shaped

80. Leaf blades ovate to elliptic or obovate, 1.5–4 cm, 1–2.5 cm wide, petioles 1–5 cm; involucres 3–5 mm, 2–4 mm wide ..... E. panamintense

80' Leaf blades elliptic to oblong, (2)2.5–4.5(5) cm, 1.5–3.5(4) cm wide, petioles (2)3–7 cm; involucres 3–4 mm, 3–4 mm wide ..... E. rupinum

69' Involucres in forks of branches

81. Herb

82. Leaf blades ovate to elliptic or oblanceolate, (0.3)1–4 cm wide; California (see 41' above) ..... E. nudum (2)

82' Leaf blades round-ovate, 0.3–0.5(1) cm wide; n SNF ..... E. apricum

83. Stems erect to ± spreading ..... var. apricum

81' Subshrub to shrub

84. Flowers hairy

85. Flowers green-yellow to yellow; involucres 4-toothed – s DSon ..... E. deserticola

85' Flowers white; involucres 5–8-toothed

86. Involucres 3.5–5 mm; nw KR ..... E. pendulum

86' Involucres 2–3 mm; CaRH ..... E. spectabile

84' Flowers glabrous

87. Inflorescence panicle- or cyme-like, generally extensively branched, generally open, not terminal; involucres glabrous

88. Outer perianth lobes obovate; inflorescence branches ± gray, generally spreading, tiered; D ..... E. plumatella

88' Outer perianth lobes obovate to round; inflorescence branches green, , not tiered; c&s SNH, Teh, s SCoR, TR, SNE, DMoj ..... E. heermannii

89. Stems, inflorescence branches round or angled, minutely scabrous or papillate-scabrous; plant generally densely branched; DMtns

90. Stems, inflorescence branches round, glabrous or minutely scabrous ..... var. argense

90' Stems, inflorescence branches sharply angled, deeply grooved, minutely scabrous ..... var. sulcatum

89' Stems, inflorescence branches round, not angled, generally smooth, glabrous or sparsely tomentose to woolly-tufted; plant sparsely branched; widespread

91. Involucres not in raceme-like arrangement, or only uppermost 2–3 so disposed; inflorescence branches glabrous – c&s SNH (e slope), SNE, n DMtns ..... var. humilius

91' Involucres in raceme-like arrangement, at least at tips of branches; inflorescence branches glabrous or sparsely tomentose to woolly-tufted

92. Inflorescence sparsely tomentose to woolly-tufted; s California ..... var. floccosum

92' Inflorescence branches glabrous; s-c, sw CA

93. Leaf blades 0.5–1.5 cm, glabrous to sparsely tomentose abaxially; inflorescence branches stout; s SNH (Kern Co.), Teh, se SCoRO (se San Luis Obispo Co.), n TR ..... var. heermannii

93' Leaf blades 1.5–3(4) cm, generally tomentose to sparsely so abaxially (at least in early flower); inflorescence branches slender; c SCoRI ..... var. occidentale

87' Inflorescence cyme-like, generally moderately branched, generally compact, terminal; involucres tomentose to glabrous

94. Plant matted subshrub, 0.5–1.5 dm; leaf blades 0.4–0.6 cm, margins rolled under; e DMtns ..... E. thornei

94' Plant erect to spreading subshrub or shrub, 0.2–15 dm; leaf blades (0.3)1–3.5 cm, margins flat, or if rolled under; widespread ..... E. microtheca

95. Flowers yellow

96. Leaf blades (0.2)0.3–0.6(0.8) cm wide; flowers (1.5)2–2.5(3) mm; involucres 2–2.5 mm; fruit 1.5–2 mm; SNH (e slope), GB ..... var. ambiguum

96' Leaf blades 0.5–1.2 cm wide; flowers 2.5–3 mm; involucres 2.5–4 mm; fruit 2.5–3 mm; s MP ..... var. schoolcraftii

95' Flowers white, cream, orange, pink, or red

97. Hairs ± white (see also Eriogonum microtheca var. alpinum) or stem, inflorescence rarely glabrous

98. Leaf margins flat; inflorescence sparsely tomentose or glabrous; SN, GB ..... var. laxiflorum

98' Leaf margins generally rolled under; inflorescence tomentose to densely so or rarely subglabrous; s SNE, DMoj ..... var. simpsonii

97' Hairs ± brown or ± red (generally white in Eriogonum microtheca var. alpinum) or stems, inflorescence generally glabrous

99. Shrub 3–6 dm

100. Stems, inflorescence tomentose to densely so; flowers 2–2.5(3) mm; fruit 2.5–3 mm; e SnBr ..... var. corymbosoides

100' Stems, inflorescence tomentose in youth, sparsely tomentose in age; flowers 1.5–2(2.5) mm; fruit 1.8–2 mm; s W&I, n DMtns ..... var. panamintense

99' Subshrub 0.2–1.5(2) dm

101. Leaf blades elliptic or ovate, margins flat; flowers (1.5)2–3.5(4) mm

102. Leaf blades 0.5–1 cm, (0.2)0.3–0.5(0.6) cm wide; involucres (2)2.5–3 mm; flowers (2.5)3–3.5(4) mm; e SnGb, w SnBr ..... var. johnstonii

102' Leaf blades 0.3–0.7(0.8) cm, 0.1–0.4 cm wide; involucres 2.5–3.5 mm; flowers (1.5)2–3.5 mm; s W&I ..... var. lapidicola

101' Leaf blades linear or linear-oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic, margins often rolled under; flowers 1.5–2.5 mm

103. Involucres (1.5)2–3 mm; flowers white to pink or rose; n&c SNH, n SNE ..... var. alpinum

103' Involucres 3–4 mm; flowers cream; SnBr ..... var. lacus-ursi



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