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1. Perennial herb axis breaking tardily above glumes and between 

2. Leaf  12–50 (65) cm; spikelet 1.5–2 mm wide;  1.8–3 mm; fruit ± 1.5 mm ..... E. curvula

2' Leaf blade 2–12 cm; spikelet 0.8–1.2 mm wide; lemma 1.4–1.7 mm; fruit 0.6–0.8 mm ..... E. lehmanniana

1' Annual; spikelet axis persistent, glumes and  falling from axis, paleae generally persistent

3. Plants mat-forming;  portion of stem , rooting at  ..... E. hypnoides

3' Plants generally not mat-forming; basal portion of stem , not rooting at nodes

4. Fruit with 1 or both ends ; surface checkered, with an evident groove on 1 side ..... E. mexicana

5. Spikelet  to , 1.5+ mm wide; inflorescence branches often with scattered glands ..... subsp. mexicana

5' Spikelet  to lance-linear, ± 1 mm wide; inflorescence not glandular ..... subsp. virescens

4' Fruit variously-shaped, tip rounded; surface smooth, not grooved

6. Plant without conspicuous glands or glandular areas (rarely so in Eragrostis pilosa)

7. Palea deciduous; lower  < 1/2 lowest floret; lowest inflorescence branches  ..... E. pilosa var. pilosa

7' Palea persistent; lower glume > 1/2 lowest floret; inflorescence branches  or  ..... E. pectinacea

8. Spikelet stalks  ..... var. miserrima

8' Spikelet stalks  to branches, diverging < 20° ..... var. pectinacea

6' Plant with conspicuous glands or glandular areas on  , blade margin, inflorescence axis and branches, spikelet stalk, or lemma keel

9. Inflorescence contracted, 0.5–2 cm wide, 1° branches generally  to appressed;  light yellow ..... E. lutescens

9' Inflorescence open to contracted, 2–18 cm wide, 1° branches diverging; spikelets ± green, red-purple, or lead-colored

10. Spikelets 2–4 mm wide; glume and lemma keels glandular; anthers yellow ..... E. cilianensis

10' Spikelets 1.1–2.2 mm wide; glume and lemma keels not glandular; anthers red-brown

11. Anthers 2; spikelet stalks generally with a distal ring of cup-shaped glands; lemma keels sometimes glandular ..... E. minor

11' Anthers 3; spikelet stalks without a distal ring of cup-shaped glands; lemma keels not glandular ..... E. barrelieri


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