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Vascular Plants of California
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1. Perennial herb to shrubleaves generally > 10 mm; flowers in terminal inflorescence, many

2. Leaves  to narrow-deltate, ±  ..... C. tetragona

2' Leaves obovate to  or wide-elliptic, ± flat

3. Perennial herb; stems  or  ovate to wide-elliptic,  5–20 mm;  3–8 mm; petals generally 4, 3–4 mm ..... [C. multicava subsp. multicava]

3' Shrub; stems erect; leaf obovate, petiole ± 0; pedicel 8–12 mm; petals generally 5, 7–10 mm ..... [C. ovata]

1' Annual; leaves generally < 6 mm; flowers in leaf axils, 1–2 per , or terminal, 1

4. Flowers 1 per node (or terminal); sepals ± 1/2 petals; seeds >= 3; plants generally aquatic or on wet substrates (e.g., seeps, vernal pools, ditches); stems ± decumbent to , generally rooting at 

5. Seeds with ± regular, continuouslongitudinal lines at 20×, ± dull or shiny but not glistening as if wet;  subtruncate at tip, suture abruptly outcurved in distal 1/4; sepals 0.5–1.5 mm, ovate to  ..... C. aquatica

5' Seeds with irregular, interrupted, longitudinal lines at 20×, shiny, glistening as if wet; follicles oblique-acute at tip, suture gradually outcurved in distal 1/2; sepals 0.4–1 mm, deltate-ovate to  ..... C. solieri

4' Flowers generally 2 per node; sepals >= petals; seeds (1)2; plants generally terrestrial but not on wet substrates; stems ± erect, not rooting at nodes

6. Flower parts generally in 3s;  generally < 0.5 mm ..... C. tillaea

6' Flower parts generally in 4s or 5s; pedicels generally > 1.5 mm

7. Flower parts generally in 5s; leaves generally 4–5 mm, tip , with short  or point; petals ± 1.2 mm, lanceolate ..... C. colligata subsp. lamprosperma

7' Flower parts generally in 4s; leaves generally < 4 mm, tip acute to rounded, without awn or point; petals generally < 1.2 mm, narrow-deltate ..... C. connata


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