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Key to Eschscholzia

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1. Outer receptacle rim 0.5–5 mm ..... E. californica

1' Outer receptacle rim 0–0.3 mm

2. Leaves 

3. Flower  generally nodding;  3 × ternate-divided, segments many, short-linear, condensed at end of long , so leaf broom-like; petals (10)12–25 mm; seed minutely pitted, tan to ashy-gray; D ..... E. glyptosperma

3' Flower bud ; leaf 2 × ternate-divided, segments fewer than many, long-linear, sparsely distributed along leaf, so leaf not broom-like; petals 7–12 mm; seed prominent-discontinuous-ridged, brown; SNF, GV ..... E. lobbii

2' Leaves basal and cauline

4. Receptacle  at base, but with parallel sides distally

5. Peduncle = basal leaves; petals yellow, 3–15 mm ..... E. rhombipetala

5' Peduncle 2 × basal leaves; petals orange or deep yellow, 15–40 mm ..... E. lemmonii

6. Bud generally erect, glabrous ..... subsp. kernensis

6' Bud nodding, generally hairy ..... subsp. lemmonii

4' Receptacle obconic

7. Flower bud generally hairy, nodding; petiole generally hairy ..... E. hypecoides

7' Flower bud glabrous, nodding or erect; petiole generally glabrous

8. Flower bud generally nodding; SNE, D

9. Leaf segments widened to tip, short, tip generally , notched; leaves gray- or blue-green; seeds generally  to  ..... E. minutiflora

9' Leaf segments not widened to tip, short or not, tip , ± notched or not; leaves bright- or yellow-green; seeds generally round ..... E. parishii

8' Flower bud generally erect; not SNE, D

10. Flower bud long-pointed, tip generally > 1/4 bud; plant denser below than above; mainland ..... E. caespitosa

10' Flower bud blunt or short-pointed, tip < 1/4 bud; plant denser above than below; ChI ..... E. ramosa



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