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1. Leaves all , 2–3× ternate-dissected

2. Leaves > 2× ternate-dissected; receptacle barrel-shaped; petals < 7 mm, generally falling within a few hours of flower opening, often making plant inconspicuous ..... E. rhombipetala

2' Leaves 2–3× ternate-dissected; receptacle obconic; petals >= 7 mm, not falling during first day of flower opening

3. Flower  generally nodding, held well above foliage;  segment tips generally rounded; seed minutely pitted; D ..... E. glyptosperma

3' Flower buds ; leaf segments long, acute-tipped; seed with bur-like protrusions; SNF, GV ..... E. lobbii

1' Leaves basal and cauline, 3–7× ternate-dissected

4. Foliage and flower buds hairy

5. Receptacle obconic; plants delicate,  thin, wiry; petals yellow, 10–15(20) mm; generally in loose shale-derived soils ..... E. hypecoides

5' Receptacle barrel-shaped; plants robust, peduncles thick; petals orange or deep yellow, 15–30 mm; generally in loose, calcareous soils ..... E. lemmonii subsp. lemmonii

4' Foliage and flower buds glabrous, sometimes glaucous

6. Receptacle rim prominent in fruit, flaring out at summit of receptacle, sometimes > 2 mm

7. Annual or  herbcotyledons with 2  ; CA-FP, MP, w SNE, w DMoj (Lancaster, Kern Co.) ..... E. californica

7' Annual; cotyledons ; D

8. Basal leaf tips rounded to , length < 3× width; distalmost leaves with >= 8 segments; receptacle obconic with thickened receptacle rim; petals generally with orange spot; c&e DMoj..... E. mexicana

8' Basal leaf tips acute to , length 2–7× width; distalmost cauline leaves generally with < 3 (rarely 5–13) segments; receptacle widely obconic to bell shaped, often flaring at end of receptacle; petals without orange spot; w&c DMoj ..... E. papastillii

6' Receptacle rim not prominent in fruit, not flaring out at top of receptacle

9. Flowers small, petals generally <= 7(10) mm

10. Foliage denser distally than proximally, glabrous, generally glaucous; flowers held at foliage level or just above; petals yellow, base often orange-spotted; open places, especially chaparral; ChI ..... E. ramosa (2)

10' Foliage generally not dense above  to erect , glabrous, occasionally glaucous; petals yellow, occasionally orange-spotted; sandy open areas on desert slopes and flats; D ..... E. minutiflora (2)

11. Basal leaf segment length < 3× width; petals (5)9(12) mm ..... subsp. covillei (2)

11' Basal leaf segment length >= 4.5× width; petals (2)5(7) mm ..... subsp. minutiflora

9' Flowers not small, petals generally > 10 mm

13. Buds erect

14. Rosette robustly leafy; receptacle barrel-shaped; petals 15–30 mm; seeds with raised, bur-like ridges; generally in loose, calcareous soils, w Teh ..... E. lemmonii subsp. kernensis

14' Rosette sparsely leafy; receptacle obconic; petals 5–30 mm; seeds with net-like ridges; in various, often coarse soils

15. Flower  long-pointed, tip generally > 1/4 bud; plant denser proximally than distally; CA-FP (exc ChI) ..... E. caespitosa

15' Flower bud blunt or short-pointed, tip < 1/4 bud; plant denser distally than proximally; ChI ..... E. ramosa (2)

13' Buds nodding

16. Leaves bright-green to yellow-green, terminal leaf segments acute to acuminate, not widened to tip; distalmost cauline leaves with (1)3–5(8) segments; flower bud long-pointed, tip generally > 1/4 bud; petals yellow or occasionally orange-yellow, 8–25 mm; w PR, SnJt, DSon ..... E. parishii

16' Leaves blue-green, terminal leaf segments generally , widened to tip; distalmost cauline leaves with > 8 segments; flower bud short-pointed, tip generally < 1/5 bud; petals yellow, 8–30 mm; DMoj, n DSon

17. Filament bases dark, often black-blue; nw&s DMoj, n DSon

18. Flowers held (3)20(35) cm from plant base; basal leaves (15)50(150) with (25)55(90) rounded to acute segments, segments length >= 2× width; not on rhyolite tuff influenced substrates, s DMoj, n DSon (vicinity of Joshua Tree National Park) ..... E. androuxii

18' Flowers held (9)15(21) cm from plant base; basal leaves (15)20(35) with (25)50(60) rounded or notched segments, segment length < 2× width; rhyolite tuff influenced substrates, nw DMoj (El Paso Mtns and Rand Mtns, Kern Co.) ..... E. minutiflora subsp. twisselmanii (2)

17' Filament bases not dark; n&c DMoj ..... E. minutiflora (2)

19. Basal leaf segments length >= 2× width; petals 6–12 mm; stamens 6–18; n&c DMoj ..... E. minutiflora subsp. covillei (2)

19' Basal leaf segments length < 2× width; petals 10–25 mm; stamens (12)18–20(28); rhyolite tuff influenced substrates; nw DMoj (El Paso Mtns and Rand Mtns, Kern Co.) ..... E. minutiflora subsp. twisselmanii (2)


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