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1. Inflorescence branch wings 0

2. Inflorescence with some non-flowering branches; proximal inflorescence axis bracts round, clasping ..... [L. otolepis]

2' Inflorescence non-flowering branches 0; proximal inflorescence axis bracts  to , not clasping

3. Basal leaves obovate to , 1.5–6 cm wide ..... L. californicum

3' Basal leaves oblanceolate to spoon-shaped, 0.5–2 cm wide

4. Basal leaves 1–4 cm, 5–9 mm wide, oblanceolate to spoon-shaped, tip ; inflorescence clusters 1–3 flowered, ± curved, evenly distributed on terminal 2–3(6) cm of branch tips, 2–4 per cm ..... L. duriusculum

4' Basal leaves 3–10 cm, 7–20 mm wide, obovate to oblanceolate or spoon-shaped, tip  to rounded; inflorescence clusters 2–5 flowered, crowded in terminal 1–4 cm of branch tips, 4–8 per cm ..... L. ramosissimum

1' Terminal inflorescence branches winged

5. Leaf pinnately lobed at least at base

6. Wings of inflorescence axes 5–20 mm wide; leaf-like bracts 0 at stem branch points ..... [L. brassicifolium]

6' Wings of inflorescence axes <= 5 mm wide; ± linear leaf-like bracts generally present at stem branch points ..... L. sinuatum

5' Leaf ± 

7. Leaf margins  with  to 3-branched hairs tip long-acuminate, >= 4 mm; proximal flower  awned, distal rounded ..... L. perezii

7' Leaf margins glabrous or with few, simple hairs; leaf tip , < 3 mm; flower bract tips mucronate to rounded

8. Leaf  base generally ; flower clusters 2–4, in terminal 0.5 cm of branch tips; calyx sparsely hairy ..... [L. preauxii]

8' Leaf blade base long-tapered; flower clusters 1–4(5), in terminal 1.5 cm of branch tips; calyx glabrous ..... [L. sventenii]



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