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1. Fruit sparsely hairy at least in youth ..... D. adenophora

1' Fruit glabrous

2. Fruit , obovate, club-shaped, or ellipsoid (broadly , widest distally)

3. Fruit fusiform, obovate, or broadly ellipsoid; seeds 4–12, in 1(2) row per chamber midvein obscure

4. Fruit fusiform, both ends long-acute; style (0.2)0.3–0.6(0.8) mm; stem (1.3)2–10.5(13.5) dm,  at base, branched distally ..... D. californica

4' Fruit obovate, tip  at base; style 0.05–0.3 mm; stem (0.8)1.5–3.2(4.1) dm, branched throughout ..... D. paradisa

3' Fruit club-shaped (broadly linear, widest distally); seeds 16–40, in 2 rows per chamber; valve midvein prominent ..... D. pinnata

5. Inflorescence axis glabrous, nonglandular ..... subsp. glabra

5' Inflorescence axis sparsely to densely hairy, glandular or not

6. Plant sparsely to densely hairy (canescent), generally glandular; sepals yellow or lavender ..... subsp. brachycarpa

6' Plant densely canescent, generally not glandular; sepals purple or rose ..... subsp. ochroleuca

2' Fruit linear

7. Fruit   to erect-ascending ..... D. incana

7' Fruit not appressed; pedicel widely  to 

8. Fruit septum with 2- or 3-veined central band; leaves 2- or 3-pinnately lobed ..... D. sophia

8' Fruit septum not veined; leaves 1-pinnately lobed

9. Fruit 3–8(10) mm; petals 0.7–1.2 mm; seed 0.5–0.8 mm; plant not glandular ..... D. nelsonii

9' Fruit (8)12–35 mm; petals 1.7–3 mm; seed 0.7–1.5 mm; plant glandular or not

10. Ultimate segment of cauline leaves  to  to incised (pinnately lobed); fruit straight or strongly incurved ..... D. incisa subsp. incisa

10' Ultimate segment of cauline leaves linear, ; fruit straight or ± incurved ..... D. longipedicellata


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