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Vascular Plants of California
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1. Plants non-green, parasitic, without leaves ..... CUSCUTA

1' Plants green, photosynthetic, with leaves

2. Styles 2, free or united only at base

3. Ovary not lobed;  ; plant tufted ..... CRESSA

3' Ovary shallowly to deeply 2-lobed; leaf ; plant matted ..... DICHONDRA

2' Style 1

4. Stigma unlobed, head-like ..... [IPOMOEA]

4' Stigma  2,  to 

5. Stigma lobes oblong, tips calyx 7–25 mm; corolla 20–75 mm ..... CALYSTEGIA

5' Stigma lobes linear to narrowly spoon-shaped, tips ; calyx 3–10 mm; corolla <= 40 mm ..... CONVOLVULUS


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