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1. Nutlet(s) all smooth or obscurely roughened

2. Nutlets , attachment  off-centered

3. Nutlets 4, attachment  strongly off-centered, appearing marginal; inflorescence elongate ..... C. affinis

3' Nutlet 1(2), attachment scar slightly off-centered; inflorescence a spheric cluster ..... C. glomeriflora

2' Nutlets symmetric, attachment scars centered

4. Calyx hairs both straight and hooked-tipped; nutlets 1(2).

5. Style extended 1/3 to 1/2 nutlet length; nutlet attachment scar edges abutted to overlapped  length (or forming tiny gap at base)

6. Nutlets lance-ovate, not flattened, proximal half appearing swollen, margins rounded; calyx in fruit strictly  to axis separate to base; corolla limb 1–5(6) mm diam ..... C. flaccida

6' Nutlets , flattened, not appearing swollen, margins angled; calyx in fruit  to , lobes basally fused 1/4 to 1/2 length; corolla limb 0.5–1(1.5) mm diam ..... C. sparsiflora

5' Style extended 1/2 to 2/3 nutlet length; nutlet attachment scar edges abutted near tip, variably gapped proximal third, widening into an open gap at base

7. Corolla limb 1–2 mm diam; calyx  midveins spreading to upcurved coarse-bristly; nutlets 2.3–2.8 mm ..... C. rostellata

7' Corolla limb 3–6 mm diam; calyx lobe midveins appressed to ascending fine-hairy; nutlets 1.6–2 mm ..... C. spithamaea

4' Calyx hairs straight to curved, not hook-tipped; nutlets 1–4

8. Calyx lobe tip hairs strongly ; corolla limb 0.5–1 mm diam; nutlets 1 or 2(4) ..... C. nemaclada

8' Calyx lobe tip hairs generally spreading to ascending, not reflexed; corolla limb 0.5–8 mm diam; nutlets 1–4

9. Flowers mostly with subtending bracts

10. Stems  to , green in fruit; nutlets ovate, (3)4 ..... C. leiocarpa

10' Stems  to ascending, red-brown in fruit; nutlet lance-ovate, 1 (or if 2, 1 smooth, 1 rough) ..... C. maritima (2)

11. Calyx sparsely to densely white-fine-hairy on marginal abaxial surface, hairs appressed, longest generally < 1 mm; midribs coarse-bristly, hairs stout, horizontal to reflexed ..... var. maritima (2)

11' Calyx densely white-fine-hairy on marginal abaxial surface, hairs angled upward to erect, longest generally >= 1 mm; midribs coarse-bristly, hairs thin, ascending to erect ..... var. pilosa (2)

9' Flowers without subtending bracts or bracts occasional, scattered

12. Nutlet margins sharp-angled, knife-like, especially near tip; nutlets (3)4

13. Corolla limb (4)5–7.5 mm diam; nutlets 2–2.5 mm, ovate; style extended beyond nutlets ..... C. mohavensis

13' Corolla limb 0.5–1.5 mm diam; nutlets 1.4–2 mm, ± lance-ovate; style extended to nutlet tips ..... C. watsonii

12' Nutlet margins if angled, not sharply so, generally rounded, especially near tip; nutlets 1–4

14. Calyx abaxially with ± single hair type, generally long, soft-tufted, midvein hairs soft, appressed to ascending, slightly longer but not bristly; nutlets 1(2 or 3)

15. Corolla limb 1–2.5 mm diam;  midveins adaxially not sunken; calyx 2–3 mm in fruit; stem without appressed hairs ..... C. gracilis

15' Corolla limb 2–6 mm diam; leaf midveins adaxially sunken; calyx 3–5 mm in fruit; stem appressed fine-hairy ..... C. milobakeri

14' Calyx abaxially possessing 2 hair types, fine, generally appressed hairs, and coarser, stiff and bristly midvein hairs, the latter spreading, reflexed, or ascending; nutlets 1–4

16. Nutlets ovate, abaxially flattened, at least at base

17. Corolla limb 3–6 mm diam; calyx wide-ovoid to ± spheric in fruit; nutlets either smooth or rough, abaxial ridge at tip often present ..... C. incana(3)

17' Corolla limb 1–2 mm diam; calyx lance-ovoid to cup-shaped in fruit; nutlets smooth, abaxial ridge absent ..... C. torreyana

18. Calyx 1–1.5(2) mm in flower, (2.5)3–4.5 mm in fruit, cup-shaped; nutlets 1.3–1.5 mm ..... var. pumila

18' Calyx 2–2.5 mm in flower, 4–6.5(8) mm in fruit, lance-ovoid to ; nutlets (1.6)1.7–2.2(2.5) mm ..... var. torreyana

16' Nutlet(s)  to lance-ovate, abaxially low-convex to rounded

19. Calyx (1)1.5–2(3) mm in fruit; nutlet 1; style extended 1/4 to 1/2 nutlet length ..... C. microstachys

19' Calyx (2.5)3–10 mm in fruit; nutlets 1–4; style extended >= 2/3 nutlet length

20. Calyx 6–10 mm in fruit, longest lobe hairs 3–4 mm; nutlets 1 or 2 ..... C. ganderi

20' Calyx (2.5)3–6(7.5) mm in fruit, lobe hairs less than 3 mm; nutlets 1–4

21. Nutlet 1(2)

22. Calyx in fruit appressed to axis; corolla limb 1–2.5 mm diam; nutlet adaxially ± flattened, abaxially convex, not round in ×-section basally; generally non-serpentine, sedimentary based substrate (or serpentine) ..... C. clevelandii var. clevelandii

22' Calyx in fruit not appressed to axis; corolla limb (2.5)3–6 mm diam; nutlet adaxially and abaxially ± rounded to convex, basally ± round in ×-section; obligate serpentine endemic ..... C. hispidula

21' Nutlets 3 or 4

23. Corolla limb 0.5–1(1.5) mm diam; stems often, stiffly branched above; W&I ..... C. fendleri

23' Corolla limb (1.5)2–8 mm diam; stems 0–few-branched ± below middle or branched throughout; KR, NCoR, Teh, CW, SW

24. Stem hairs  only or strigose and spreading, stiff bristly; style not extended to nutlet tips ..... C. clevelandii var. florosa

24' Stem hairs spreading only, soft bristly above, bristly below; style extended to or slightly beyond nutlet tips

25. Stems unbranched or few-branched near base; leaves crowded proximally, subequal above; distal  axis without bracts; corolla limb (4)5–8 mm diam; obligate serpentine endemic, restricted to NW ..... C. dissita

25' Stems branched throughout; leaves reduced distally, not congested proximally; distal peduncle axis with bracts; corolla limb (1.5)2–5 mm diam; non-serpentine, sedimentary based substrate, widespread ..... C. hispidissima

1' Nutlets, or at least 1, variously  and/or tubercled, occasionally obscurely so

26. At least one nutlet with margins winged or narrow, knife-like linear-rimmed

27. Nutlets 1(2 or 3), only distal margins narrowly linear-rimmed, surfaces minutely spiny-tubercled ..... C. utahensis

27' Nutlets (3)4, margins of similar nutlets entirely narrow linear-rimmed or narrow- to wide-winged, surfaces round-tubercled

28. Corolla limb (3)4–9(10) mm diam ..... C. oxygona

28' Corolla limb 1–2.5(3) mm diam

29' Plants yellow-green;  0.5–1.5 mm in fruit; all nutlets marginally wide-winged or all but 1, the dissimilar nutlet narrow-winged, wings encircling entire nutlet body, including base; stipe present at receptacle base ..... C. cycloptera

29. Plants green to grayish; pedicels 0–0.5(0.8) mm in fruit; nutlets lacking a marginal  at base of nutlet body; stipe absent at receptacle base ..... C. pterocarya

30. Nutlet margins narrow,  rimmed or winged with wing < 0.5 mm wide on one side; nutlet bodies 1.2–2.2 mm; calyx 2.5–3(3.5) mm in fruit ..... var. purpusii

30' At least some nutlet margins with prominent wings, > 0.5 mm wide on one side; nutlet bodies 1.8–3.2 mm; calyx 3–7(8) mm in fruit

31' Calyx 3–4.5 mm in fruit, lobes ovate; nutlet body generally 1.8–2.8 mm ..... var. pterocarya

31. Calyx 5.5–7(8) mm in fruit, lobes ± lanceolate; nutlet body generally 2.8–3.2 mm ..... var. stenoloba

26' All nutlets with margins rounded or angled, not winged or linear-rimmed

32. Nutlets of 1 fruit dissimilar in size and/or sculpturing

33. Plants sprawling; nutlets 4, smaller lanceolate (> 3× longer than wide), attachment scar groove open ..... C. dumetorum

33' Plants erect to ascending; nutlets 1–4, all lance-ovate (2–3× longer than wide) to ovate (1.5–2× longer than wide), attachment scar groove closed, edges abutting

34. Corolla limb 3–6 mm diam; nutlets differing only in sculpturing ..... C. incana (3)

34' Corolla limb 0.5–1.5 mm diam; nutlets differing in size and sculpturing

35. Nutlets 4, 0.7–1 mm, ovate; bracts 0; calyx 1–1.5 mm in fruit, ± spheric, some midvein hairs hook-tipped ..... C. micromeres

35' Nutlets 2, 1.5–2 mm, lance-ovate; bracts present; calyx 2–3 mm in fruit, lance-ovoid, lobe midvein hairs straight ..... C. maritima (2)

36. Calyx sparsely to densely white-fine-hairy on marginal abaxial surface, hairs appressed, longest generally < 1 mm long, lobe midribs coarse-bristly, hairs stout, horizontal to ref;exed ..... var. maritima (2)

36' Calyx densely white-fine-hairy on marginal abaxial surface, hairs angled upward to erect, longest generally >= 1 mm, lobe midribs coarse-bristly, hairs thin, ascending to erect ..... var. pilosa (2)

32' Nutlets of 1 fruit similar in size and sculpturing

37. Pedicels 2–3 mm in fruit, long-soft-hairy; calyx with 1 hair type, densely white, long-soft-hairy, without coarse bristly hairs ..... C. crinita

37' Pedicels 0–1.5(2) mm in fruit, not long-soft-hairy; calyx with >= 2 hair types, at least some coarse, bristly hairs present

38. Nutlets 1(2 or 3)

39. Calyx downcurved arched in fruit; nutlets incurved bent ..... C. recurvata

39' Calyx straight in fruit, not arched; nutlets straight

40. Nutlet attachment scar deep triangular gapped in proximal half, cavity-like ..... C. excavata

40' Nutlet attachment scar shallow, small at base, not cavity-like

41. Nutlet surfaces smooth proximal half, densely warty tubercled distal half ..... C. wigginsii (2)

41' Nutlet surfaces ± uniformly variously roughened, not smooth

42. Corolla limb 1–2.5(3) mm diam

43. Calyx 5–10 mm in fruit, not appressed to axis; nutlet surfaces coarsely elongate-tubercled, tips  ..... C. barbigera var. barbigera (2)

43' Calyx 3–4(5) mm in fruit, basally appressed to axis; nutlet surfaces low-tubercled, tip  ..... C. decipiens

42' Corolla limb 3–8 mm diam

44. Calyx 3.5–5 mm in fruit; nutlets ovate ..... C. hendersonii (2)

44' Calyx 2–3.5 mm in fruit; nutlets lanceolate to lance-ovate

45. Calyx wide-ovoid to +– spheric in fruit; nutlet abaxial ridge at tip often present ..... C. incana (3)

45' Calyx lance-ovoid to cup-shaped in fruit; nutlet abaxial ridge absent

46. Distal stem hairs appresssed, lacking spreading-bristly hairs; calyx 3–3.5 mm in fruit, not appressed to axis, lobes , midvein not spreading bristly; nutlets 2.2–2.5 mm ..... C. corollata

46' Distal stems appressed- and spreading-bristly; calyx 2.5–3(3.5) mm in fruit, appressed to axis, lobes linear, midveins of outer 3 spreading bristly; nutlets 1.5–2 mm ..... C. rattanii

38' Nutlets generally (3)4

47. Corolla generally inconspicuous, limb (<)1–2 mm diam

48. Nutlets lance-ovate to lanceolate, length:width ratio > 2

49. Stems densely spreading coarse-bristly, sparsely strigose; calyx lobe margins densely tufted soft-hairy below middle; nutlets lance-ovate, acute-tipped ..... C. barbigera var. barbigera (2)

49' Stems strigose only, spreading hairs generally absent; calyx lobe margins not densely tufted-spreading below middle; nutlets lanceolate, acuminate-tipped

50. Plants sprawling; inflorescence  units generally forming numerous clusters, few elongating in fruit; calyx 6–11 mm in fruit; nutlet surfaces coarsely tubercled ..... C. nevadensis

50' Plants erect; inflorescence cyme units mostly elongating in fruit; calyx 4–6 mm in fruit; nutlet surfaces finely, sharp-tubercled ..... C. scoparia

48' Nutlets ovate to wide-ovate or , length:width ratio < 2

51. Calyx midrib hairs , short-scabrous-bristly ..... C. simulans

51' Calyx midribs hairs spreading long-bristly

52. Nutlet tubercles narrowly elongate, appearing spiny ..... C. echinella

52' Nutlet tubercles broadly elongate, rounded, not appearing spiny

53. Flower bracts present, scattered throughout length of 

54. Bracts thread-like; inflorescence tightly clustered; calyx 4–6 mm in fruit; nutlets wide-ovate to deltate, coarsely tubercled throughout; SnJV (presumed extinct) ..... C. hooveri

54' Bracts leaf-like; inflorescence elongate, at least below; calyx 3–4 mm in fruit; nutlets narrowly ovate, glabrous or becoming so basally, finely tubercled distally; s ChI (San Nicolas Island) ..... C. traskiae

53' Flower bracts generally 0 within cymes, occasionally at base of cymes

55' Calyx 4.5–10 mm in fruit; nutlets 1.5–2.8(3) mm

56. Nutlets lance-ovate to ovate, 1.5–2 mm ..... C. barbigera var. barbigera (2)

56. Nutlets wide-ovate to deltate, (1.8)2.4–2.8(3) mm ..... C. clokeyi

55' Calyx 2–6(7) mm in fruit; nutlets 1–2 mm

57' Calyx 4–6(7) mm in fruit, lance-ovoid;  0.5–1 mm; nutlet abaxial ridge absent ..... C. ambigua

57. Calyx 2–4.5 mm in fruit, wide-ovoid to ovoid; pedicel < 0.5 mm; nutlet abaxial ridge present ..... C. muricata

58. Branches few, long, laxly-ascending, generally from below middle; calyx 3–4.5 mm in fruit; nutlets 1.8–2 mm, sparsely low-tubercled ..... var. denticulata

58' Branches many, short, stiffly-angled upward, generally above middle from prominent central stem; calyx 2–2.5(3.5) in fruit; nutlets 1.1–1.9, densely coarse-tubercled ..... var. jonesii

47' Corolla generally conspicuous, limb 2–8 mm diam

59. Nutlets ovate to wide-ovate, length:width ratio <2

60. Plants mostly spreading to decumbent; inflorescence cymes congested, flower bracts near base; s ChI (San Clemente Island) ..... C. clementina

60' Plants erect to ascending; inflorescence cymes elongate, flower bracts 0 or only at base; mainland

61. Calyx cylindrical to lance-ovoid; nutlets acuminate ..... C. mariposae (2)

61' Calyx lance-ovoid to ovoid; nutlets acute

62. Nutlets 2.2–2.5 mm, low-tubercled, not adaxially ridged ..... C. hendersonii (2)

62' Nutlets 1.6–2.1 mm, coarsely long-tubercled, adaxially ridged ..... C. muricata var. muricata

59' Nutlets lance-ovate, length:width ratio >2

63. Nutlet abaxial and adaxial surfaces glabrous or becoming so in proximal half on all sides, densely tubercled to warty in distal abaxial half

64. Nutlet abaxial distal half with rounded to pointed, not wart-like tubercles, mostly not abutted,  region becoming glabrous (tubercles low to 0) or glabrous on all sides; s ChI (Santa Catalina Island) ..... C. catalinensis

64' Nutlet abaxial distal half with dense, wart-like, abutted tubercles, basal region glabrous and shiny all sides; mainland and Santa Catalina Island ..... C. wigginsii (2)

63' Nutlet dorsal surfaces tubercled throughout

65. Stem hairs mostly appressed, sometimes sparsely spreading soft-bristly

66. Inflorescence cymes in 2s; corolla limb 2–5 mm diam ..... C. juniperensis (2)

66' At least some inflorescence cymes in 3s; corolla limb 4–11 mm diam ..... C. intermedia var. intermedia (2)

65' Stem hairs both appressed and spreading rough-hairy or only spreading rough-hairy to bristly

67. Calyx 4.5–9 mm in fruit, lobe margins tufted-spreading hairy below middle; leaves oblong, tip  ..... C. barbigera var. fergusoniae

67' Calyx 4–5.5 mm in fruit, lobe margins appressed fine-hairy below middle; leaves linear to lanceolate, tip acute

68. Distal stem hairs spreading only, few to none appressed; fruiting calyx perpendicular to slightly angled upward relative to axis ..... C. intermedia var. johnstonii

68' Distal stem hairs appressed and spreading; fruiting calyx ± ascending relative to axis

69. Inflorescence cymes mostly in 1s; leaves oblong, tips obtuse to rounded; plant low, branches erect to decumbent ..... C. mariposae (2)

69' Inflorescence cymes mostly in 2s or 3s; leaves generally linear, tips acute; plant erect, branches erect to ascending

70. Inflorescence cymes mostly in 2s; nutlets densely and more finely tubercled; s ChI (San Clemente Island) ..... C. kinkiensis

70. Inflorescence cymes mostly in 2s or 3s; nutlets coarsely tubercled; mainland

71. Inflorescence cymes mostly in 3s; corolla (3)4–11 mm ..... C. intermedia var. intermedia (2)

71. Inflorescence cymes mostly in 2s; corolla 2–5 mm ..... C. juniperensis (2)


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