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1. Flowers paired on  ; plants twining or 

2. Corolla > 25 mm; plant twining ..... L. japonica

2' Corolla < 20 mm; plant erect

3. Ovaries of flower pair fused or appearing so

4. Corolla ± yellow, weakly 2-lipped; bracts 1–3 pairs, narrowly ovariesfruit tightly enclosed by inner, fused bracts, thereby appearing fully fused ..... L. cauriana

4' Corolla dark red, strongly 2-lipped; bracts 0 or minute; ovaries, fruits not enclosed by bracts, fused generally > 1/2 ..... L. conjugialis

3' Ovaries of flower pair free

5. Bracts not leaf-like, not forming , not enveloping ovaries ..... L. tatarica

5' Bracts leaf-like, forming a conspicuous involucre, ± enveloping ovaries ..... L. involucrata

6. Plant 6–9 dm; corolla yellow, tube ± wider upward; stigma ; KR, NCoRH, CaRH, SN, MP ..... var. involucrata

6' Plant 15–36 dm; corolla yellow, strongly tinged orange or red, tube ; stigma  or ± exserted; NCo, NCoRH, NCoRI, CCo ..... var. ledebourii

1' Flowers in ± interrupted spikes on axillary peduncles or at ends of branches; plants twining or trailing (except Lonicera interrupta)

7. Leaf 5–10 cm; corolla 15–50 mm; inflorescencedense, short ; upper  pair fused around stem; NW, CaR

8. Corolla orange, weakly 2-lipped; stamensstyle ± exserted ..... L. ciliosa

8' Corolla yellow-white tinged ± purple, strongly 2-lipped; stamens, style well exserted ..... [L. etrusca]

7' Leaf 1–8 cm; corolla generally < 15 mm; inflorescence a ± long, interrupted spike; upper leaf pair fused around stem or not; widespread

9. Upper leaf pairs fused around stem; corolla glabrous or not

10. Stipules ± conspicuous, at least near inflorescence; corolla glandular-hairy or hairy ..... L. hispidula

10' Stipules 0; corolla glabrous ..... L. interrupta

9' Upper leaf pairs not fused around stem; corolla often hairy ..... L. subspicata

11. Leaf < 2 × longer than wide; n SNH (Butte Co.), Teh, CW, SW ..... var. denudata

11' Leaf 3–4 × longer than wide; s ChI (Santa Catalina Island), WTR ..... var. subspicata



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