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Key to Nemacladus

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1. Fruit ; plants  ..... N. californicus

1' Fruit valvate; plants  or 

2. Ovary superior in fruit; fruit 2–3 × > sepals ..... N. longiflorus

3. Corolla 3–3.5 mm, tube 1.5–2.5 mm; filaments ± 2–3 mm ..... var. breviflorus

3' Corolla 5–10 mm, tube 2.5–5.5 mm; filaments 3.5–7.5 mm ..... var. longiflorus

2' Ovary partly to completely inferior in fruit; fruit < or ± > sepals

4. Stem < 1 cm; inflorescence generally head-like ..... N. twisselmannii

4' Stem generally > 1 cm, , or erect; inflorescence an open 

5. Stem below branches silver-gray, rarely dark; corolla white or cream with yellow and maroon marks or yellow, pink, or ± brown tips

6. Flower not inverted, adaxial corolla  3, abaxial 2; filaments declined, straight or tips ± curved; leaves  ..... N. rubescens

6' Flower inverted, adaxial corolla lobes 2, abaxial 3; filaments arched over, strongly curved; leaves toothed or pinnately lobed ..... N. tenuis

7. Corolla lobes dissimilar, adaxial 2 , arched, maroon, abaxial lobes yellow, central oblong-elliptic, flanking abaxial ones ±  ..... var. aliformis

7' Corolla lobes similar, oblong-elliptic, white, tips pink or ± yellow ..... var. tenuis

5' Stem below branches ± red, brown, or dark purple, not silver-gray; corolla white, cream, pink, lavender, or ± purple, with dark maroon marks or not

8. Corolla white or cream with darker marks, divided ± to base, tube 0

9. Fruit base rounded, top ; sepals spreading or 

10. Corolla lobes 1.3–2.5 mm ..... N. orientalis

10' Corolla lobes 0.2–0.5 mm ..... N. rigidus

9' Fruit base acute, top acute, ± pointed, or rounded; sepals erect

11. Pedicel straight, base to tip; sepals ± 0.5 mm; corolla lobes 0.7 mm ..... N. capillaris

11' Pedicel straight near base, curved at tip; sepals ± 2 mm; corolla lobes 2–4 mm

12. Filaments 2 mm; fruit 2–2.5 mm; seed 0.5 mm, with clearly pitted rows;  blades irregularly  ..... N. interior

12' Filaments 3 mm; fruit 2.5–3 mm; seed 1 mm, with deeply impressed, vertical lines; leaf blades entire or obscure-toothed ..... N. montanus

8' Corolla white or pale lavender, midvein on lobes sometimes pink, lavender, or maroon, otherwise without darker marks, divided 1/3–1/2 to base, tube bell-shaped or 

13. Corolla tube narrow- or wide-cylindric ..... N. secundiflorus

14. Corolla tube 0.5–0.8 mm; leaf 2–3 mm,  ..... var. robbinsii

14' Corolla tube 2.5–3.5 mm; leaf 3–6 mm, oblanceolate ..... var. secundiflorus

13' Corolla tube bell-shaped

15. Corolla lobes all held on adaxial side of flower, bases of 2 lowest fused into spur ..... N. calcaratus

15' Corolla lobes radiating or ± held on abaxial side of flower, bases of 2 lowest ± fused, not forming spur

16. Inflorescence axis strongly zigzag

17. Pedicel straight except curved up below tip; leaves toothed or pinnately lobed; bracts linear to  ..... N. glanduliferus

17' Pedicel S-curved; leaves entire or irregularly ; bracts  ..... N. sigmoideus

16' Inflorescence axis straight or weakly zigzag

18. Anthers 0.5 mm, filaments ± 2 mm; bracts 2–4 mm, ; corolla white to lavender, midvein on lobes lavender; fruit base acute, tip rounded ..... N. gracilis

18' Anthers 0.1–0.3 mm, filaments 0.7–2 mm; bracts 2–9 mm, erect or ; corolla white or ± pink; fruit bulging near base or not, tip acute

19. Bracts ascending, appressed to  base; pedicel straight, tip hooked upward abruptly; fruit base, tip acute ..... N. pinnatifidus

19' Bracts erect, not appressed to pedicel base; pedicel ± S-curved or straight, tip erect; fruit bulging near base ..... N. ramosissimus



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