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Vascular Plants of California
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1. Flower fruit spheric to ovoid, skin adherent to pulp; stem hairy, generally glabrous in age ..... V. vinifera

1' Flower unisexual; fruit spheric or 0, skin separating from pulp; stem ±  or glabrous

2. Leaf , glabrous, ± folded at midrib; stem climbing or not, < 1 m ..... [V. rupestris]

2' Leaf  to reniform, ± tomentose, not folded at midrib; stem climbing, > 1 m

3. Fruit purple, glaucous, generally > 8 mm wide if seeds 3–4; round structure  seed attachment  generally raised; stipules generally < 3.5 mm; stem tomentose when young, less so in age, nodal partitions generally 3–4 mm thick ..... V. californica

3' Fruit black, ± not glaucous, generally < 8 mm wide if seeds 3–4; round structure opposite seed attachment scar generally sunken; stipules generally > 3.5 mm; stem densely tomentose in youth, ± remaining so in age, nodal partitions generally 2–3 mm thick ..... V. girdiana



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