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1. Proximal  in fruit 7–18 mm, ± straight except sharply  near tips; fruit 7–10 mm wide,  rays ± 0.1 mm wide, distinct; fertile anthers yellow ..... T. radians

1' Proximal pedicels in fruit 1.5–7(12) mm,  in a continuous arc, ± recurved, straight, or ± straight but not reflexed near tips; fruit 2.5–6(9) mm wide, wing rays 0 or 0.2–0.5 mm wide, distinct or generally ± not; fertile anthers yellow or purple

2. Fruit round, wing strongly incurved toward over-seed flat side, with spoon-shaped  or occasionally perforated; proximal pedicels in fruit straight or ± recurved; fertile anthers yellow ..... T. conchuliferus

2' Fruit obovate to round, wing not incurved toward over-seed flat side, flat or ± incurved toward over-seed convex side, , wavy-margined, shallowly to deeply , with spoon-shaped lobes, or perforated; proximal pedicels in fruit ± straight or recurved in a continuous arc; fertile anthers yellow or purple

3. Cauline leaves  to narrowly , bases wedge-shaped, ± lobed or not, ± not clasping (lobed, clasping);  leaves subentire, wavy-dentate, or pinnately lobed; fertile anthers yellow or purple

4. Fruit hairs 0 or generally 0.05–0.1 mm, club-shaped; fertile anthers yellow ..... T. desertorum

4' Fruit hairs 0.05–0.4 mm, club-shaped, or generally 0; fertile anthers purple

5. Proximal pedicels in fruit recurved in continuous arc; plants generally not branched from base; leaves generally greenish or basal occasionally purplish; fruit greenish ..... T. laciniatus

5' Proximal pedicels in fruit ± straight; plants branched from base; leaves purplish; fruit often purplish ..... T. rigidus

3' Cauline leaves , bases lobed, clasping; basal leaves subentire to wavy-dentate; fertile anthers purple ..... T. curvipes

6. Stem hairy proximallyglabrous distally

7. Fruit >= 6 mm, 5.5–7(9) mm wide, wing perforated ..... subsp. elegans

7' Fruit < 6 mm, 3.0–5.5(6.5) mm wide, wing entire, crenate, divided into spoon-shaped lobes, or perforated

8. Style 0.2–0.6(0.7) mm ..... subsp. curvipes

8' Style 0.9–1.5(1.8) mm ..... subsp. longistylus (2)

6' Stem glabrous

9. Style 0.9–1.5(1.8) mm ..... subsp. longistylus (2)

9' Style 0.2–0.7 mm

10. Fruit wing rayed, entire, crenate, with spoon-shaped lobes, or perforated..... subsp. amplectens

10' Fruit wing not rayed, entire to shallowly crenate ..... subsp. eradiatus



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