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1. Mid-cauline leaves petioled, pinnately lobed to 

2. Fruit proximal stems solid;  ± straight, spreading (ascending); petal blades    not  ..... T. laciniatum

2' Fruit ± , generally ; proximal stems hollow to inflorescence; pedicel upcurved, tip erect; petal blades spoon-shaped to oblanceolate; basal leaf petioles ciliate ..... T. milleflorum

1' Mid-cauline leaves 

3. Perennial herb thick; basal leaves persistent ..... T. flexuosum

3' Biennial, caudex 0; basal leaves withered by fruit time

4. Cauline leaves narrowed to base, not lobed or ; basal leaf petioles not ciliate ..... T. integrifolium

5. Petals white; fruit pedicel 6–9(13) mm, ± white; stalk above receptacle 1–3 mm ..... subsp. affine

5' Petals lavender to purple (± white); fruit pedicel 2–5(6) mm, not ± white; stalk above receptacle 0.5–1 mm ..... subsp. complanatum

4' Cauline leaves expanded to base, base lobed or sagittate; basal leaf petioles ciliate

6. Inflorescence dense, spike-like, little expanded in fruit; petals generally white (pale lavender), blades crinkled

7. Fruit pedicel 1–2 mm, spreading (± ascending), stout ..... T. brachycarpum

7' Fruit pedicel 2–5(10) mm, erect to erect-ascending, partly or fully appressed, slender ..... T. crispum

6' Inflorescence open, panicle-like, much expanded in fruit; petals lavender or purple (white), blades not crinkled or only at base

8. Paired filaments partly to completely fused; petals narrowly oblanceolate, 0.5–1.2(3) mm wide; seeds 22–40 ..... T. howellii subsp. howellii

8' Paired filaments free; petals linear, 0.3–0.5(0.8) mm wide; seeds 50–82 ..... T. stenopetalum



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