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Vascular Plants of California
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Higher Taxonomy
Family: TofieldiaceaeView Description 

Habit: Perennial herb, rhizomes short, spreading. Stem: erect, +- glabrous near base, dense-glandular-hairy above [or not]. Leaf: generally basal, +- 2-ranked, +- linear; cauline 0--3, on lower 1/3 of stem, sheathing. Inflorescence: terminal raceme, +- head- or spike-like, generally longer in fruit. Flower: perianth parts 6 in 2 petal-like whorls, white to +- green or +- yellow; stamens 6, filaments +- flat, glabrous, wider at base, anthers attached at base; ovary superior, stalked, 3-lobed, chambers 3, styles 3. Fruit: capsule [follicle], 3-beaked from persistent styles, septicidal below, loculicidal above. Seed: +- brown; coat white, loose, spongy, inflated; appendage generally at 1 end, rarely 0 or at both ends.
Genera In Family: 3 genera, 18 species: southeastern United States, northwestern South America, northern temperate. Note: Tofieldia occidentalis moved to Triantha.
eFlora Treatment Author: Dale W. McNeal
Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Stem: scapose, 30--80 cm. Inflorescence: axes +- glandular-hairy; flowers in clusters of 2--7, each cluster subtended by cluster of +- few bracts; bractlets 3, fused, appearing calyx-like. Flower: perianth parts in +- dissimilar whorls, free, persistent. Fruit: ovoid to wide-ellipsoid.
Species In Genus: 4 species: North America, Japan. Etymology: (Greek: tri, 3 and anthos, flower, alluding to flowers aggregated in 3s)
Jepson eFlora Author: Dale W. McNeal
Reference: Packer 2003 FNANM 26:61--64
Unabridged Reference: Packer 1993 Novon 3:278--279
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