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Datura wrightii

Higher Taxonomy
Family: Zostera asiaticaView Description 

Genus: Zostera asiaticaView Description 

Species: Zostera asiaticaView Description 

Datura wrightii Regel
Habit: Annual or perennial herb, 5--15 dm. Stem: white-puberulent. Leaf: 7--20 cm, ovate, entire or coarsely lobed. Flower: erect to nodding; calyx 8--12 cm, ribbed at least toward base, lobes +- 2 cm; corolla 15--20 cm, puberulent, white, lobes 1--2 cm, tips long, narrow; filaments 13--15 cm, anthers 12--15 mm; style 15--18 cm. Fruit: irregular-valved, nodding, 25--30 mm wide, puberulent; prickles 5--12 mm. Seed: 5 mm, flat, tan; margin grooved. Chromosomes: n=12.
Ecology: Sandy or gravelly open areas; Elevation: < 2200 m. Bioregional Distribution: NCoRI, c&s SNF, Teh, GV, CW, SW, D; Distribution Outside California: to Utah, Texas, Mexico. Flowering Time: Apr--Oct Note: Cult for showy flowers; may have been introduced by early Spanish; possibly conspecific with Datura inoxia Mill.
Synonyms: Datura meteloides A.DC.
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Botanical illustration including Datura wrightii

botanical illustration including Datura wrightii


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