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Chorizanthe valida

Chorizanthe valida S. Watson
Habit: Plant sprawling to erect, 1--3 dm, 1--6 dm diam, hairy. Stem: branches from erect stem, spreading to ascending. Leaf: +- all basal; blades 1--2.5(--5) cm, 0.4--0.8(--1.2) cm wide, widely oblanceolate. Inflorescence: axes unbranched or +- equally forked; bracts leaf-like, opposite, distal linear, awns 0; clusters large, dense, rounded; involucre 3--4(--4.5) mm, 3-angled, 6-ribbed, finely transversely ridged, glabrous to thinly hairy, lobes 6, erect, equal, margins white-scarious, awns straight, alternately longer and shorter, 0.5--1.3 mm. Flower: 1; perianth (4--)5--6 mm, hairy on proximal 1/2, 2-colored, tube white, lobes white to lavender or rose, fringed to toothed, outer lobes > inner; stamens 9, fused to perianth tube base. Fruit: 3--4.5 mm.
Ecology: Sand; Elevation: 10--90 m. Bioregional Distribution: n CCo (extirpated exc Point Reyes Peninsula). Flowering Time: Jun--Aug
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Botanical illustration including Chorizanthe valida

botanical illustration including Chorizanthe valida


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