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Vascular Plants of California
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Higher Taxonomy
Family: SolanaceaeView DescriptionDichotomous Key

Habit: Annual to shrub. Leaf: generally simple, generally alternate, generally petioled; stipules 0; blade entire to deeply lobed. Inflorescence: various. Flower: bisexual; calyx lobes generally 5; corolla +- radial, cylindric to rotate, lobes generally 5; stamens 5, on corolla tube, alternate lobes; ovary superior, generally 2-chambered, style 1. Fruit: berry, loculicidal or septicidal capsule, [(drupe)], 2--5-chambered.
Genera In Family: 75 genera, 3000 species: worldwide, especially +- tropics; many alien weeds in California; many cultivated for food, drugs, or ornamental (potato, tomato, peppers, tobacco, petunia). Toxicity: many TOXIC. Note: Nicandra physalodes (L.) Gaertn. is a waif.
eFlora Treatment Author: Michael H. Nee
Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Habit: Annual, perennial herb, sticky-glandular. Stem: main branches from base, with +- long internodes. Leaf: +- opposite near flowers, entire. Inflorescence: flowers 1 in axils of leaves or leaf-like bracts. Flower: calyx divided +- to base, lobes +- leaf-like, especially in fruit; corolla funnel-shaped, 5-lobed; stamens +- equal or 1 short, 2 medium, 2 long. Fruit: capsule. Seed: many, minute, angled.
Species In Genus: +- 30 species: generally South America; some cultivated for ornament, sometimes waifs. Etymology: (Petun, Native American word for tobacco) Note: Petunia axillaris (Lam.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb., Petunia violacea Lindl. may be naturalized in California.
Unabridged Note: Evidence from chloroplast DNA, morphology, and ecology was used by Fregonezi et al. [Taxon 61:120--130. 2012] to support segregation of Calibrachoa from Petunia, as well as recognition of Calibrachoa parviflora (Juss.) D'Arcy, which was said to occur "in North America and Europe, probably as a result of introduction from South America and subsequent naturalization".
Jepson eFlora Author: Michael H. Nee
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Citation for this treatment: Michael H. Nee 2012, Petunia, in Jepson Flora Project (eds.) Jepson eFlora,, accessed on February 28, 2024.

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