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Centaurea jacea nothosubsp. pratensis

Centaurea jacea nothosubsp. pratensis (W.D.J. Koch) Čelak.
Inflorescence: heads radiant (discoid); peduncle swollen below head or not; phyllary tip appendages +- scarious, light to dark brown, flat to +- concave, coarsely dentate to dissected into fine, wire-like lobes. Flower: disk flower corolla 15--22 mm. Fruit: pappus scales <= 1 mm, white or tan. Chromosomes: 2n=22, 44.
Ecology: Grassland, disturbed places, montane forest; Elevation: 150--1100 m. Bioregional Distribution: NCoRO, CaR; Distribution Outside California: to southern Canada, eastern United States; native to Europe or locally derived from hybridization of parental taxa native to Europe. Flowering Time: Aug--Oct Note: Variable, outcrossing derivative of fertile hybrid (Centaurea jacea subsp. jacea × Centaurea jacea subsp. nigra). Populations show much pl-to-pl variation, often with some individuals approaching one or the other parental subsp.
Synonyms: Centaurea ×moncktonii C.E. Britton; Centaurea ×pratensis Thuill., illeg.
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