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Partial names are allowed. The initial letter of a genus name must be capitalized. You can retrieve all species in a genus by entering a genus name only. When entering infraspecific names, do not include the words "var.", "subsp.", or "f.".

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Sunset climate zone. Default is all zones.
Add requirements. If no requirements are specified, all plants potentially capable of growth in a zone will be retrieved.
Grows in zone without special requirements
Requires excellent drainage
Requires full or part shade; intolerant of afternoon sun
Requires afternoon sun
Requires moderate summer watering
Intolerant of frequent summer water
Roots need to be in continually moist or wet soil
Life form qualifications
  Additional qualifications
Does especially well in zone
Not difficult
Not invasive
Cultivars available
Useful as a groundcover
The Jepson Horticultural Database derives from the horticulture information provided in the first edition of The Jepson Manual for more than 3500 native species. The database is intended to allow this information to be searched easily and maintained conveniently. It will be expanded to allow searches that include other characteristics of the plants.

The Jepson Herbarium gratefully acknowledges the Elvenia J. Slosson Endowment Fund for supporting the development of the Jepson Horticultural Database.