Characterization and Phylogenetic Position of the Red Alga Besa papillaeformis Setchell

Suzanne Fredericq
Juan M. Lopez-Bautista

besa plate 6

Figs 26-32. Besa papillaeformis, topotype material (Setchell #6485, UC173490). Longitudinal sections through cystocarpic thalli. Fig. 26. Young internal cystocarp in upright borne on crust. Figs 27-28. Young internal cystocarp centrally immersed in upright. Note absence of carpostomes in cortex and lack of specialized nutritive tissue in medulla. Fig. 28. Fusion of fusiform gonimoblast comjunctor cells (arrow) to vegetative cells (v), and partial fusion of gonimoblasts within same cell file (top). Fig 29. Stellate and stretched vegetative cells bearing gonimoblasts (g) that have become carposporangia. Fig. 30, Fig. 31. Mature cystocarp. Fig. 32. Excised carposporophytic network released together through ostiolar region leaving behind cavity.